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Sleeping in, buttered bolos levedos for breakfast, dated t-shirt sighting, & a blah dancing night...

~Wednesday~  Oh glorious vacation day! Kevin and I both slept in this morning and actually ended up downstairs in the kitchen, literally, within a minute of each other at around 10:15.

Coffee was soon had by each of us, along with a slice of toasted and buttered Bolos Levedos, a half a banana, and a hard-boiled egg with yolks discarded.

I thought of a million reasons to not go to the gym today, but after eating a half of a meat lovers type pizza for lunch, it had to be done. I checked in with Joe on my ride there, as it was the time between the two scheduled visitation hours (one from 2-4 and the other from 7-9), and I wanted to see how he was doing. He noted that our flowers were just being brought in at the end of that first session, which annoyed the hell out of me, as I'd ordered them Monday, and noted (as asked) that they should arrive at the funeral home in time for the start of the 2:00-4:00 viewing. You know I later called ftd.com and had it out with them. Girl is all about some customer service. But I digress...

At the gym, I did 300 ab crunches, followed by my upper body routine. There was a guy and a girl working out together, and twice they stopped and hugged and kissed each other, and I thought, "Really? You're going to make out in the gym?" I could only imagine the hell that would break loose if two guys showed one iota of affection for each other in a gym. Straight privilege.

In other gym news, in honor of my yesterday's posting, I'm going to start keeping an eye out for "dated t-shirts" in the gym to see just how long people (are willing to publicly admit they) hang on to favorite t-shirts. Today's was a mere 8 years old, and it said, "20 STREATER TWP 02."

I made spaghetti for dinner tonight; well, I heated up some Super Chunky Mushroom Ragu Sauce, added some sausage to it, and poured it over some macaroni noodles after boiling them for 9-11 minutes. Kevin and I ate the hell out of it.

Kevin went to visit a friend tonight, and I went line-dancing and two-stepping. There was less of a crowd there than I thought there would be tonight, and I really wasn't into dancing very much. Also, the crossword puzzle in the Independent had a printing error and the bottom one or two clues in each column were cut off. As in not there at all. Frustrating.

I left at close to 11:00, when almost all of the other dancers were up in the smoking area, and the third our fourth non-dance song came on.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, customer service, dancing, dated t-shirts, exercise, gym, house guest, upper body

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