DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Busy, busy, work...

As I was packing my breakfast at about 8:00 this morning, I remembered that I had a 7:40 appointment for my annual eye exam. Shit!

On the way in, I called and they actually had an opening at 9:30, which I took. I got to the Dr.'s office right at 9:30, and at 10:05 they still hadn't called me back. I asked if I was going to be done by 10:30 explaining that I had to be on a conference call starting then. She said, "Oh this appointment is going to take at least an hour, so even if we take you back right now, you're not going to be done by 10:30. We rescheduled the appointment for 7:40 on Friday, 6/27.

Another good, albeit busy, day at work today. Had a good meeting with Rich and Cassandra. Cheryl stopped by to pick up the easel size Will & Ned posters to have for Monday's PFlag presentation at IBM. Cool.

Steve Steele called me late in the afternoon, and we had a good "catch up" call. It was really nice.

I left work at about 6:45. I made egg salad (with chourico added to it!). I worked on TCW items: made four calls to potential volunteers, sent a note out to the tcw_opportunities list about event coordinating opportunities, and received a call back from Kendra (and her girlfriend) who are going to take the item of coordinating TCW's presence at Crape Myrtle and the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Yippee.

I sent a note out to the GLBT book club distribution list, starting the conversation on getting our agenda together for the next year.

Very productive day all the way around. I only had one hang up recorded in my caller id list. Must be someone trying to reach the person who previously had my number. There was no message.

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