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Shopping mostly to no avail, nagging will make you fat, a customer service WIN, and a late workout..

~Monday~  I worked from home today, which was a wonderful, welcomed change.

I got a late start to running errands after work, beginning with a run to K-Mart to pick up my Nexium prescription. While there, I also checked for some picture frames—to no avail—for a couple of pictures I want to frame for Christmas gifts. I have to say that, once again this year, double- and triple-frames for landscape orientation photos is an underserved market.

Remembering a book I wanted to see if Quail Ridge Books & Music has, I ran back by my house to get my gift card (from Brad for my birthday in October) to take with me in case they had it. Another "to no avail."

My next stop was Borders, where yet again, to no avail. I'll try one more time, at Barnes & Noble tomorrow, and in the meantime, I made a phone call to my dear friend Anna for a possible "Plan B."

My next stop was Target, where I was actually able to make a few purchases. I did check their book section, just for the heck of it, but I knew if those "real" book stores didn't have it, there was a zero-to-no chance that Target would, which was a correct assumption.

While I was back in that section, I walked by an aisle in which I heard some muffled arguing, and as I looked to see if I could tell if it was abusive in any way, the couple looked up at me and then got quiet. You know I wanted to hear what they were arguing about, so instead of walking up their aisle hoping they might start back up, I walked up the next aisle and stood at the same spot as they were on the other side of the six-foot high shelves of merchandise. Can you say yenta???

I heard him end a sentence in an angry tone, though I didn't catch the words, and then she yelled at him, "Well, you're the one who wanted to come here!"

Without fail, while out shopping this time of year, I run into somebody who's having a public argument with somebody, usually what look like a husband and wife, and I always think, "Merry fucking Christmas" (a tmesis of sort), and I guess this couple was this year's fare. I was to think of them later when I saw this article with six ways to help you not be that person or couple this year. I particularly like #6, which starts out, "Don't nag—it'll make you fat."

Moving on, I made my way up to the photo section, where I had the best holiday customer service to date this season. The man working there, an older guy, is the same one who was there the last time I had photos printed there—you remember, the time I stuck my memory stick in the kiosk and the announcement came over the intercom: "Porn in the photo aisle!" But I digress...

The man was knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant—a rare combination in service these days at any time of the year. I need to find out who his boss is and let him or her know.

As I exited the store, the guy of the arguing couple was standing outside, alone, right at the door looking in. It may have been his idea to come there, but evidently it was her idea to stay. Just sayin'.

Although I so didn't want to after all that errand-running, I stopped by the gym on the way home for a late 9:15 - 10:15 workout. After 300 ab crunches, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.

At home, I had a conversation with Joe about changing his flights home, potentially leaving Tuesday instead of on Christmas day as was scheduled. His dad is not doing well, and they're looking at sending him home with Hospice care on Thursday. Hate it for him.
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