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Early to work, an Eggnog Mini Concrete, some scareyoke, and some old pics of a younger me...

~Sunday~  I was determined to not being doing work work at midnight on Sunday for the second or third weekend in a row, so I took care of that first thing today.

After that I went to the gym, where I did 300 (15 sets of 20) ab crunches, followed by a 40-minute upper body workout. There was some serious mirror work going on with two guys using those fly-weight machines that are across from the machines that I do.

At one point, I thought, "Please let my body never get in such good shape that I can't stop looking at it in the mirror in a public place." I don't think we realistically have to worry about that, though.

Joe and I were going to go out for dinner, but we decided to eat at (our respective) home(s) before going out to save some money. We met at the Goodberry's in Cameron Village, where using a Groupon for $7.00 we each got a Eggnog (which was their flavor of the day) Mini Concrete, mine with butterscotch syrup added to it, and Joe's with Heath Bar Crunch mixed into it. Good shit.

We went to Flex for scareyoke, where it was actually pretty festive tonight. It was Brent's birthday, and in addition to a sheet cake for him there was a flyer of Jesus with his (Brent's) head superimposed into it.

Speaking of people who look at themselves in mirrors, this is similar but different. I rarely find photos of myself that I like, but I came across these two, which are from some time between 2000 & 2003.

Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, exercise, gym, self-pics, upper body, work

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