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A sick day, a redundant or complementary breakfast, YouTube copyright infringements, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  I took a sick day from work today, and started off my morning with a piece of delicious homemade banana bread, which Sarah so graciously gave to me at Salon on Monday. Here's a picture of, and comment about, it that I put on Facebook:

Redundant or Complementary?

Sarah asked on Facebook if that was peanut butter between the banana slices. And while that sounds good, it's just the reflection of the plate.

I made a run to Target, where my receipt noted, "You Saved $9.33."

Before going to dancing tonight, I wanted to watch the two episodes of Glee that I haven't yet seen, but in the process found out that there wasn't an episode this week. The only one I haven't seen is "A Very Glee Christmas," and that's what I watched tonight.

As expected my favorite song in this episode, and there were seven of them all-told, was Baby It's Cold Outside, a duet between Kurt and Blaine, and the video of which I included in this blog entry as one of my favorite holiday songs.

Slight digression, but interesting aside: YouTube is scouring its postings, and evidently taking action with regards to copyright infringement. The video of that duet from the Glee episode has been removed from YouTube, with this notice: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment." Also while searching back, I noticed that the video for Andy Williams' Happy Holidays has been removed with this notice: "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement."

Back to A Very Glee Christmas, in addition to Baby It's Cold Outside, I loved Rachel's version of Merry Christmas Darling, which was also one of my favorite holiday songs, the video of which I included in this entry.

One of the things that I love about Glee is the diversity of its cast—from (of course!) a gay character (Kurt) to a "persons with disability" character (Artie, who's in a wheelchair) to a person with Down's Syndrome (Becky). While looking up tonight's episode in Wikipedia I learned these two interesting tidbits: (Jen, don't read the second one; it contains a spoiler!)

Becky Jackson

Becky Jackson (Lauren Potter) is a member of the Cheerios with Down's Syndrome, who becomes a sidekick to Sue.[74] Potter is a member of the Down's Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, and was contacted about auditioning through the association's in-house talent agency, Hearts and Hands. Fourteen actresses auditioned for the role, which Potter deemed "a great experience" to perform.[75] Becky appears in three episodes of the first season, "Wheels", "The Power of Madonna" and "Home",[76] and returns in the second season.[77]

Dave Karofsky

Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) is a member of the McKinley High hockey team, and a bully who regularly targets members of New Directions. In the episode "Never Been Kissed", written to tackle the issue of LGBT youth bullying, Karofsky kisses Kurt during an argument.[78][79][80] He later warns Kurt not to tell anyone about it, threatening to kill him if he does. He is expelled for his death threat, but allowed to return by the school board. Adler had previously questioned his character's motivations, but was surprised by the scene in which Karofsky kisses Kurt.[80][81] He received a positive response via the social networking websites Twitter and Facebook, and commented that he was "glad to represent such a large group of people," expanding: "I've gotten so many messages from people all around the world these last couple of days thanking me because either they are Karofsky, they were Karofsky or they know a Karofsky."[80]

I had a lot of fun dancing tonight and got in a ton of exercise. We had a decent number of dancers, including two guys from the Big Apple Ranch in NYC, one of whom I've seen before, either the one time I went to the Big Apple Ranch while in NYC, or at either the Stampede Jamboree or the Harvest Moon Ball one of the years we went to the Atlantic Stampede in Washington, DC. He knew a lot of our line dances, which is not as common as you might think, so that was good.

There was a decent crowd there, too, which always makes it festive. We had some goodies tonight and a card in honor of Van's (our DJ) birthday, which is on Monday.

Today's favorite holiday section is one I first learned of in high school chorus, Carol of the Bells, and I found it interesting that the "regular" version of this song has 1.3 million hits, while this "Celtic Woman" version has over 3.5 million, so I linked to the original one above, and I've included the Celtic Woman one here:

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