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Had a real restless night last night. I probably totaled 2.5 hours sleep. I kept dreaming about work and waking up. Not good.

Two meetings went well today: GLBT Education Module Review of last session, and Alan's "War Room" meeting. That's a stupid name for that meeting in my opinion.

"Met" Cassandra today. She seems real nice.

Left work just after 5:00. Stopped by Sam's on the way home and spent $125. I had a slice of pizza for dinner there. I thought a pack of PowerBars I was buying was $9.00, but it rang up $19.00. I got a piece of hard plastic rug protector to put under my computer chair. I also bought a pair of military green cargo shorts, and a shirt to match it. I bought an X-Large shirt, which turned out to be too big. I need to return it.

On the way to Sam's I spoke with Jeane on the phone. Debbie sent me an e-mail last night telling me that she had had another stroke, and was recovering in a convalescent facility.

She sounded in good spirits, and lucid. The conversation did remind me of how she was right after the last stroke she had. She can say what she means, but really has to concentrate to get the words out in the order she wants them.

She told me that her eyesight is almost completely gone now, and sounded real depressed about that. Though she was trying to be upbeat, the overall impression that I got from her was that she thought this was the beginning of the end. So sad. It must be so hard realizing you just can't do it anymore.

We had a real nice "visit" though, and I'm so glad I called. I'm feeling a little bad now about having cut down on my cards to her, which I used to send unfailingly every week. Ever since she moved down to Houston (where I know she has company), and with my training rides starting up in March, I've been slack.

I told her I felt bad about it, but that I think about her all the time. She said the same back. We ended the conversation saying "I love you," and "I miss you." I need to call back in a couple of days. She's hoping to go "home" on Friday.

When I got home T.J. was out front looking rather pathetic. Like he was the kid coming over to confess to the dad. He said, "Sometimes I just don't think." I was thinking, "Most times, actually." Turns out he not only parked half-assed, part in one of my spots, and part on his lawn, but he managed to leave his keys to the truck in Asheville this weekend.

He's pathetic in a cute, young kind of way. The whole time he talked to me, he had no shirt on and his left arm up behind his head.

Since my phone service was hooked up today, and I have no phones, I ran out to Best Buy and bought two phones, both with the Caller ID feature. One was a very basic, wall model, phone for the kitchen ($14.95). The other one was full-featured, including an answering machine, for my bedroom. ($99 - $20 rebate for a total of $79) I'm not crazy about the way it looks (too "antenaeey") but it will do the job. It's very easy to set, and that I do like. Also, it's cordless, so I can use it in the computer room.

When I got the phones connected there was no dial tone. I called BellSouth, and the infamous "passive voice" acted as the scapegoat: "Mistakes were made..." "Your order was put in late..." I should have service "first thing in the morning, sometime between 9 and Noon."



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