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Appetizers and entrées at the gym, an unbalanced elliptical machine, and food prep...

~Sunday~  I got in eight hours of sleep again, for which I'm grateful. Precious few holiday days left. Like zero.

I kept putting it off, but at about 3:30, I finally went to the gym. Since food is such an integral part of my life, I'm going to describe today's workout using a food metaphor.

Here we go: Usually, I do an appetizer (e.g., stretching, ab crunches) and an entrée (e.g., elliptical machine, upper body weight training). To combat a few days of overeating, today I skipped the appetizer and did two entrées.

I started off with my 40-minute upper body weight training, during which I didn't witness any inane antics on the various free-weight machines in that area, albeit there were only about three guys using them the entire time I was back there. There was one Hispanic guy who alternated between using a free-weight machine and the arm curl machine, who appeared to be just a little bit of a germ freak, with the wiping down and carrying on between each use of the arm curl machine. Just sayin'.

After that, I moved into the cardio area and did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. In retrospect, I regretfully took the machine beside a girl who was just going to town on the one next to mine. That, itself, wasn't a problem. What was a problem was that the machine she was on wasn't working right.

The flywheel, that big round part in front of her left foot, had somehow come loose from the base, and every time she started pedaling like a madwoman, which was most of the time, it made a loud banging noise, not unlike a washing machine out of balance.

She had in earbuds, but I know for a fact that she had to have heard that banging. I've started on a machine that was doing that before, and it was loud and annoying enough even with earbuds in, that I had to get off it and get on another one, which I don't do lightly once all of my statistics have started calculating. In any case, she went at it for 20 minutes of the 30 minutes I was on my machine. I had visions of it coming totally apart at one point and flinging her across the room, but it never happened.

After completing my two entrées, I stopped in the next-door grocery store to mainly pick up lunchmeat for sandwiches during work next week.

I made several moves in several online Scrabble games I'm currently in the midst of.

I saw on Facebook that a mutual friend of mine and Robert's was selling a laptop, and I alerted her to give him a call that he might want to buy it. And that worked out. Who says social media isn't valuable?

I did some food prep for tonight's dinner and one more meal some time this week, which involved dicing a bunch of celery and onion, and browning some ground turkey.

I used all three to make some Hoo-Mee Chow Mein tonight, sans the noodles, as when I opened them they smelled like they'd been sitting in my pantry for close to a year. Which is probably close to accurate, and it was delicious without them anyway, and it saved some calories.

And finally this evening, I did some work to make up for the slack day I had on Wednesday.
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