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Thankful for a lazy Friday, getting out the glitz, a hot workout, and reading The Help...

~Friday~  I had a lazy, lazy Friday, with only two things that I really wanted to get done today—one negotiable, the other not.

The negotiable one, which I did get done, was to get out my huge plastic tub full of holiday stuff, and that was mostly to get me started sooner, rather than later, on my annual holiday letter and to decide whether I'm just going to send a letter, or put the letter in a card, or get a photo card made.

I always buy holiday stuff after Christmas, at 75% (or more) off, of course, so I have many, many boxes of cards, and several packages of different kinds of holiday paper on which to print my holiday letters.

The other non-negotiable item was to get to the gym, where I did 10 minutes of stretching, 300 (15 sets of 20) ab crunches, and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. I'm tracking all the gory details of both my workouts and my eating in the free (of course) version of dailyburn.com. Love that website.

Coming down the homestretch of my cardio workout, by the time which sweat was just pouring out of my pores, a tall Indian ("dots, not feathers") man with gray hair got on the elliptical machine two down from me with long pants on and a long-sleeved shirt. Just looking at him made me sweat that much more. If I'd've been a dam, I would've busted.

Most of my food day involved consuming Thanksgiving day leftovers. I'll be glad when they're all gone, as I'm only able to estimate the calorie count of most of the stuff my sister made.

I stayed in tonight and read several chapters of The Help. Unexpectedly, the third chapter switched voices. I mean it stayed in first person, but in the first two chapters the first person voice is Aibileen's. In the third chapter, the first person voice becomes that of Minny. A little unsettling for an ESFJ, but interesting.
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