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~Wednesday~  I rolled out of bed at 8:30 and after putting on a pot of coffee, logged into work. I was an obedient employee, and logged off between 2:30 and 3:00.

At around 3:00, I headed over to Great Clips for a $7.99 haircut, where LaToya cut my hair again, and finally didn't say, "Have you been here before?" since I've been there a gazillion times, and about a gazillion-minus-about-five times she's the one who has cut my hair.

I didn't ask her to trim my eyebrows at the end like I always do, because I've got some kind of sty or infection or something going on in my left eye and I didn't want her anywhere around it with her clippers and trimmer.

Walking around with my eye looking like it does, I can't stop thinking about this:

I love the Sedarises.

From there I went to the gym even though I'm going to get a decent cardio workout in tonight while dancing. Gotta make up for some of the over-eating yesterday, and the inevitable one tomorrow.

I did 300 (15 sets of 20) ab crunches, and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. It wasn't at all busy there, so no real characters to speak of.

I watched bits and pieces of Oprah. That guy from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was on there, and they showed a clip of this thing called The Running of the Brides in Filene's Basement. My only thought was, "Consumerism whores."

He was saying something about some girl's complexion—being what it was, she could pull off a white dress instead of a bone one (or some other ridiculous shade of white), so that she would be just beautiful. I thought, "How about the notion that you could wear whatever you feel good in and be beautiful no matter what?"

It's amazing, especially when you're not participating in it, seeing what people will buy (both literally and figuratively) in terms of what will make them beautiful and happy in life.

Dancing was fairly festive tonight. We had a good number of dancers and a decent crowd, which even though most were not paying any attention to the dancers, just makes it more festive for some queer reason.

What wasn't festive was this totally obnoxious drunk woman who had no concept of line-dancing and two-stepping dance floor etiquette. For a couple of the dances, I just stopped in the middle of them to get away from her bouncing around like a pinball machine beside me, just waiting to cause me to twist or sprain an ankle.

Total empty space from ear to ear, and she was dancing barefoot most of the times. I can't wait for the next Beer Pong game when someone gets her feet in their drink.

Chris zinnian was in (a rare) attendance this evening, and I had a nice two-step to Planet of Love with him. Joe Judge was also out, and I had a couple of great two-steps with him, and just an awesome shadow dance with him. He's my favorite person of all to shadow dance with.

I left there at about 11:30, which is about 30 minutes later than normal. Got some good exercise in for sure.


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Nov. 26th, 2010 10:25 pm (UTC)
I agree dancing was festive Wednesday, and while I saw why she annoyed you at least she was out there trying, bless her mess. OK, small try, gave up, and danced to her own tune. (maybe if there were ever lessons for the sober impaired, rhythm impaired, and the rest of us, just saying). It was one of those nights we could have used a larger floor, as I kept running into people on some dances and there were a few overly crowded 2-steps. Maybe we should have a night solely of 2-steps? I liked Chris's comment elsewhere about certain songs not being appropriate for line dance, but being overruled by the dancing queens. In MY defense, those are TWO of the few dances I actually know. (Bad romance being learned purely from stumbling around over the course of several weeks and not from lessons) And what IS proper line dance etiquette? I never got the memo. And don't get me going about pool table use during line dance.
Just sign me "anonymous" :)
Nov. 26th, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Re: dancing
The main rule of etiquette is that if you're doing any dance other than the two-step or a partner dance that moves around in the two-step line of dance, then you should be in the middle. It's perfectly okay to do some other kind of dance, even a line dance, in the middle while people are two-stepping around the perimeter. It happens all the time at the big hoedowns. Here's what a diagram of the line of dance looks like:

And that is why that one time when that lady was partner dancing with a guy and they were just staying in one place on the perimeter—totally oblivious of everyone else moving around in a circle and having to negotiate around them—I asked them to move into the middle.

I would have had no problem with her dancing out on the dance floor if she were being cognizant of the people around her, paying attention that in a song, people are going to move toward her and if she's not dancing with them, then it's her responsibility to move out of the way. But she was totally oblivious to what was going on, with her eyes closed, her hands up in the air, and clapping off-beat like she was the only one on the dance floor. That's just inconsiderate and rude. If she wants to "free dance" like she was doing, she should do it in the middle when we're two-stepping or somewhere out of the flow of the line-dance when we're doing that. Or, here's an idea, go to one of the gazillion other establishments in Raleigh where everyone is free-dancing like that.

With regards to songs and dances, for me, it's all about the BPM and personal preferences. Taking the Tush Push as an example, people like to do that dance at different tempos. Some people like to do it fast and some like to do it slow. My personal preference is at around 112 BPM, which is what Janet Jackson's All For You is recorded at. Some people think that is way too slow. Again, for me, I don't care what style the song is (hip-hop, country, pop, and so on) or who's singing it as long as it's at a BPM that I like for that particular dance. And when it's not, I simply don't do it. There's one song that we do it to that is way too fast for my taste, so I just treat my taste buds to another bourbon and diet when we do it to that song.

And, finally, with regards to the ratio between line dances and two-steps, and a potential two-step only night, I don't think we have enough dancers who know how to two-step to pull that off. And a two-step night complicates matters, because it pretty much requires you to have a partner, or to have enough people that will either switch up with different dancers a lot through the night or have more people who know how to both lead and follow. I don't see us having that mix of people/skills on a regular basis.

Edited at 2010-11-27 12:48 pm (UTC)
Nov. 26th, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)
I had a great time, even with the oddball music ;). It was good to see everyone.
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