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~Sunday~  I was up at 8:30 this morning and settled in for my Sunday morning routine of coffee, breakfast, this week's PostSecrets, and my country gospel CD queued up on my iPod. Somehow, I inadvertently put on something else, which may have been a shuffle of songs of the gospel genre or something, but whatever it was, it was different, and a surprisingly nice change.

After peeling and slicing up a butternut squash, I had a nice instant message conversation with Robert and made some Scrabble moves during the 20 minutes while the squash steamed.

I took care of some mailing and donating tasks that I've been meaning to get to:

  1. Made a $100 donation to Manbites Dog Theater.

  2. Made a $250 donation to Love Wins Ministry.

  3. Made out a check for $100 to my sister toward our Thanksgiving feast that she'll be providing on Thursday.

  4. Filled out her 50th birthday card (finally, from November 12th) in which I enclosed the Thanksgiving dinner check.

  5. Filled out a Progress Energy form to sign up for Energywise.

I arrived at Umstead Park a little before Robert who was on his way from his sister's Thanksgiving dinner in Chapel Hill, and while I waited I sat at a picnic table, where behind me two women were grilling something that smelled delicious, and a man sat separate from the women on his own picnic table softly playing his guitar. I read some of The Help.

Robert arrived at around 3:30, and we set out to hike the Company Mill Trail, and four or five miles later on the somewhat grueling finish as it began to get dark, we knew we'd gotten in some good exercise.

We had great conversation, passed a plethora of nice people, each took a wiz in the woods at one point or another, and had a quick kiss on the lips goodbye in the parking lot without getting stoned or even laughed at. Life is good.

I met Joe at Flex at 8:30 for scareyoke, but after about 30 minutes, we knew that wasn't going to fly. I'd seen, on Facebook I think, that Legends was actually having a 9:30 drag show tonight, in addition to their regular midnight one, so Joe and I made our way over there.

There was a customer service issue getting in the place, as Joe and I had decided to get a membership and the kid at the door on the View side told us we had to walk around outside to the Legends side to do that. When we walked around there, the doors were locked and there wasn't anyone working that door.

After we got in back on the View side, we made our way over to the Legends side to buy a drink, since the bar on the View side was a little crowded, and by then someone had gone to the door we'd just found locked. But when we asked that guy if we could get a membership, he said, "You can't buy or renew memberships until January." Get it together, people!

The 9:30 show was actually pretty entertaining, in spite of the girl sitting next to us who kept asking for dollars from us, offering quarters in return. "My brother went to get a drink, and he has the dollars," she said. I think her brother was getting something else beside a drink, as he was gone way too long just to get a drink, and when he finally did return, his drink was empty.

We left there between 10:30 and 11:00, and I stopped by the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village and then by my office for about 20 minutes.

OMG! My friend Hugh, and one of the most Christian people I know shared this on Facebook with the comment: "To my Christian friends: This is what we sound like to secular people."

I just went from snickering, to cackling, to guffawing throughout this.



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