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Talkin' to nappy on the bus, a learning and sharing lunch, and a fun enough dance night...

~Wednesday~  I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus, and just as I took a seat, I thought I heard, "John!" and then I knew I heard, "John!!!" from a few seats away. It was Rachael, one of my favorite people from our Alternative Spring Break 2010 Gulf Coast Trip to Thibodaux, LA in March.

A tired student sat across from me enjoying one of the greatest advantages of public transportation (hover over image for meta comment):

My boss and I had our weekly staff meeting, which went fairly well.

At lunch time, from noon to 1:00, I attended an Alternative Spring Break Advisor Roundtable, and the topic of this one was about blogging and photography while on our trips. I shared the following things that worked for our team last spring, in terms of blogging:

  1. I tried to take notes during the reflections to help fuel the narrative for the day.

  2. I asked for guest posters, and although only one student did one, it was a good thing.

  3. On one day, I handed out a "prompt sheet," and told the kids they had to fill it out before they could eat. I asked them to write short blurbs about these three things:
    • How I felt today
    • What I learned today
    • What hurt today
    Their answers are at the bottom of this trip blog entry.

  4. For one entry, I asked some people to share a sampling of the notes they received in their "mail bag," into which people were encouraged to drop notes to each other over the course of the week. Their answers are at the bottom of this trip blog entry.

    Our mail bags

  5. A "Letters to Home" entry, in which I asked the students to respond to one of the following:
    • Write a quick note to a family member or friend whom you know is reading our blog this week.
    • Write a quick thank-you to someone who helped you to be able to make this trip.
    • Write a quick blurb about something or someone you miss from home, or someone or something you can't wait to get back to.
    Their answers are at the bottom of this trip blog entry.

My boss's boss and I left that meeting about ten minutes early in order to make it back to our side of campus for a 1:00 meeting.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. My main goal was to get in as much exercise as I could, so in that respect it was a successful evening.

I renewed my Flex membership tonight for $5.00, which is a steal in my opinion.
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