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~Friday~  I caught the 7:45 city bus, which arrived late. I am so ambivalent about riding the city bus lately. If it wasn't for the potential blog fodder, I'd choose the frequency and consistency of the university buses in a New York minute.

With that said, I used the time waiting this morning to come to a significant decision related to my job. 'Nuff said on that.

In the spirit of the New York minute, and in honor of the Hilton Wilmington Riverside, I'll use another idiom to describe some people on the bus this morning—they had ants in their pants, resulting in musical chairs. As I boarded, the guy in the first seat on the left moved to the second seat, and I took the front seat. The bus started up and the guy to my left, got up and moved one seat back. Was it something I said?

Reader Lady boarded and took out yet another Stephen King novel. Let's see, she's finished Firestarter and Gerald's Game so far. Now she's reading Dreamcatcher. If this list is accurate, she's got a long, long road ahead of her.

Cell Phone Lady boarded, but she wasn't on her phone and she never even had it in her hand the entire ride. Instead, she was reading a book, and I mean a serious book, an Anna Karenina-thickness book. Ah Anna Karenina—that 800+ page book with one of the most famous first lines of all books: "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

A somewhat regular rider, who has a physical handicap and usually rides a bike, got on at his usual stop at the intersection of Gorman and Western, and as it usually does, it takes him an extra minute or so to get his bike up on the rack. The driver, who's one I've never seen before —a little old lady with tight, curly, bluish-gray hair—said to the bus-at-large, "Would someone mind helping that man outside load his bike?"

Nobody moved, and I started to say, "He's a regular rider. He always gets his bike up by himself; it just takes him an extra minute or so," but I decided not to at just about the same time he got it strapped in. "Oh, he got it," she said. Yeah, maybe the guy values his independence and isn't looking for a hand.

My work day started off dreadfully today, with basically a repeat of yesterday's incident with the same colleague, but taken to a whole new level. Argh.

At lunch time, I transferred that $8.5K I deposited last week as the hold was removed today, and deposited a check I recently received. It always amazes me that in this day and age, I still have to fill out a "Checking Account Deposit" slip when I make a deposit with a teller inside the credit union. How last millennium.

At the library, three of the four Wolfline buses stopped there were out of service—one said "Out of Service" on it, and the other two had their route indicator signs totally turned off. Ridiculous. Finally, one of the ones with its sign off, turned it on and it was actually the one I needed to take to get over to Mission Valley.

I met Sarah over at Cup A Joe for a late lunch, and I tried Anna's recommendation of their Green Eggs & Ham wrap, which was killer delicious, and quite the value for the money, in my opinion. I'll definitely be getting that again. Thanks, Anna!

Evidently there was an "incident" in the NC State library on Wednesday—perhaps a psychotic break or a drug-induced rampage. It's kind of sad that several people recorded him, but it doesn't appear that anyone offered to help him in any way, by at least saying something like, "Dude, are you okay? What are you doing?"

It's arguable as to whether that's funny or not, but what is funny is one of the comments. NC State's PR campaign this year is: "Locally responsible. Globally engaged." and someone commented on the video: "Locally responsible. Globally engaged. Publicly naked."

I caught the last bus home before they were to cordon off Hillsborough Street for tonight's homecoming parade. A little kid, too young to understand what he was saying, "talked" loudly during the entire trip. He was standing on the seat, next to his mother who never once asked him to sit down or to "use his inside voice," or do anything else I imagine that responsible parenting would suggest she do.

At one point, after it had gone on so long and so loudly, the lady in front of me turned to look at the kid and the mother laughed, "I have no idea what he's saying."

I had to bite my tongue from saying, "I think he said he talks loudly and continuously because no one in his life ever engages with him or teaches him any differently."

At home, I put some leftover spaghetti sauce in the microwave and let it sit there while I cooked a fresh cup of noodles for it. Nine minutes later, while I drained the noodles, I microwaved the sauce.

When both were ready, lifting up the lid of the sauce to spoon the noodles in, I [finally] noticed that I'd mixed in the left over noodles from yesterday into the sauce before putting it in the fridge. Noodlehead!

Today's my sister's fiftieth birthday! Woohoo! Welcome to "da cluub," sis! I checked in by phone and she was about to be on her way for a four-day getaway to the beach, as a gift from a friend who owns a condo at Wrightsville Beach. My kind of friends!

I stayed in this evening, and completed my blog entries up through Thursday night. Yay for that!


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Nov. 14th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
Nobody Cares About Your Blog
John! Just checking in after catching up on a month's worth of updates. You sound busy!

Sold the RV, bought a cabin and have spend almost every weekend enjoying the extra space, the constant flow of weekend visitors and the view across the (alternative) campground.

Still doing the same thing at work, but there's something about hitting "30 years" that changes your attitude to IDGAFF (loosely translated to "I don't care")

On the off-chance you find yourself in I75 between Atlanta and the FL border looking for a free place to stay, there are 2 queen sized beds upstairs you're welcome to.

I feel guilty about not keeping up since I really DO care about your blog. Perhaps if I moved Daily Affirmations next to Joe. My. God. and Shorpy Historic Photos in my RSS reader, I'd pay more attention to Affirmations. (I'll work on that)

Thanks always for reminding your readers, no matter how sporadic we might be, that our lives are full of daily affirmations if we just pay attention.

-- Steve
Nov. 14th, 2010 03:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Nobody Cares About Your Blog

Hello there! So good to hear from you! Thanks for catching me up and your generous offer of a place to crash! (Hey, that's an implicit affirmation! Yay!) :-)

Congrats on reaching full-fledged IDGAFF-level! 30 years is a long time to do anything and I commend you.

My blog alongside Joe.My.God.? I would never expect such a thing! Albeit, that too, would be another affirmations. :-)

I appreciate your reading and your comments at whatever frequency they happen! Be well, my friend!
Nov. 14th, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
Homecoming Detours
Whoa. That's a bizarre video. Did anyone call security? They have those signs all over to call and report 'suspicious' activity. Maybe that's not considered suspicious?

Thought you'd appreciate this transit tale (it's long--sorry about that!): the Triangle Transit buses always run a detour during the NCSU homecoming parade. The buses go up Western instead of Hillsborough.

But they muck it up, somehow, every year. Usually by being unable to tell passengers exactly when the detour begins. See, they say the detour begins at 5 pm, and the first express buses leave downtown at 4.50-something but arrive at NCSU a few minutes after 5. Some dispatchers and customer service people believe that this first bus should be detoured since it hits H'borough at 5. Others believe the detour begins with the NEXT bus, because the first one starts its run before 5. Drivers seem to split the difference.

Now, last year, all the passengers were at the detour stop and the driver went up Hillsborough, got caught in the police detour and sent out Oberlin Road--exactly opposite of where he needed to be. We had a dispatcher with a radio at the detour stop and she called the incoming buses on Western (across the street from where we were standing), had the second bus transfer all her downtown-bound passengers to the first bus at the stop on Western and then make a U-turn in the Avent Ferry and Western intersection, and come get us and start her westbound route from there instead of going all the way downtown. That was a rarely seen display of quick and smart thinking to Make It Right for the passengers.

Generally NCSU homecoming is (utterly preventable) chaos. Every single time.

This year, we got no advance notice of a detour. No email, no alert on the website. A fellow bus rider called on Thursday to ask. TT dispatch said they were pretty sure there was a detour, but didn't know anything more about it. She then called NCSU transportation who told her yes, there was going to be a detour, and they emailed her the 'turn-by-turn' (the driver's instruction list--Left on X street, Right on Y street). Why they had it (since they don't coordinate ANYTHING with TT) and since they had it, why they didn't send out information about it, is beyond me. She called Triangle Transit back and told them that she had a copy of THEIR turn-by-turn and they needed to tell their passengers. Which they did, Thursday night at 10 PM by email.

Next morning, this same bus rider convinced the morning driver to tell the people on the bus there would be a detour that afternoon. The driver did this, somewhat reluctantly. So at least the message go out to the people on the 8 AM run. Who knows about the rest.

The bad thing about the poor information on this particular detour is that the detour stop is a good 12 to 15 minute walk from the regular stop. And it's not really at a 'landmark' location--you just have to know where it is. Plus the Wolfline buses don't go there directly. It's something you need to know ahead of time.

I carpooled home with someone Friday to avoid the drama. Will be curious to hear how it went.
Nov. 14th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Homecoming Detours

Good lord, Ann! I didn't even think about the TT buses (but at least I'm not in TT management, hehehe!). That's crazy.

I appreciate the time and energy you took to write it; you don't ever have to apologize for long comments—good grief, after as many long full posts that you've read of mine! :-)

I'm glad that incident last year gave someone a chance "to shine" and Make It Right for the passengers!

Here's a little more about "the incident" from the Technician. Security was brought in: Police find man naked, wrecking bookshelves.

Thanks for reading and for the engagement!

Edited at 2010-11-15 02:27 pm (UTC)
Nov. 16th, 2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Re: Homecoming Detours
That poor student. I hope he's somewhere good and healthy for him.

As for the detours, some people didn't get the word and were standing around in the wrong place.

NCSU transportation people said they put it on their facebook page. So it's my fault I didn't get the message apparently since I don't do facebook.

Nov. 15th, 2010 04:43 am (UTC)
Thinking about the boy on the bus using his "inside voice" makes me think of Shy Ronnie.

Nov. 15th, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
"Use your outside voice!" LOL!
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