DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Rain, rain, go away...

Robert got up at 7, and left for work. I called Joe and told him that I wasn't going to the training ride, as, once again, it was raining. I went back to sleep, and slept until noon. Glorious!

I left the house at about 2:00, and went to REI to return the tire I bought a couple of weeks ago. At the register, to complete the transaction, the salesclerk asked for my credit card. I reached into my back pocket only to discover I had left my wallet at home! I asked her if I could just tell her my number.

"You know it?" she asked incredulously.

I rattled it off, and it took. Thank goodness!

I ran back home to get my wallet. Then ran to the Factory Card Outlet and bought a wedding card and a Father's Day card.
Then I stopped by Lowe's and got a $50 gift certificate for Brian and Brenda.

As I headed out toward Rougement, NC, where the Garden Wedding was taking place, it started pouring so hard that I had to slow down because I couldn't see even though my windshield wipers were on the highest speed.

It was 3:15, and the wedding started at 4. I called the number on the directions, and Brenda (whom I've never met yet) answered.

"This is John Martin. I work with Brian. Are you still getting married today?"

"Absolutely!!!" she said, just as upbeat as you can imagine. I liked her instantly.

I stopped at a Burger King along the way for two reasons: 1) to fill out the card and gift card, and 2) to confirm that I was heading north on Guess Rd. The guy giving me directions said that I was going in the right directions, and noted that it was about 15 miles up the road.

Good thing he said that for two reasons: 1) I undoubtedly would have, about 5 or so miles up the road, started thinking, it can't be this far, and 2) I had to really step up my speed or I was going to be late.

The wedding was quite nice, in spite of the rain. Very casual, my kind of event (I was in khaki pants, a black T-shirt, and my black Reebok's.) I had fun talking with Henry, Vic, and the table at large (Don, his wife, Susanne, Justin, and his girlfriend), mostly about the Tour de Friends.

The food was great, as was the strawberry wedding cake. And Brenda was just a delight!

I left there at 7, and ended up having to rush to get home and then to Flex by 8 for dancing. It was pretty sparse at 8:00, but by 8:30, 8:45 it started filling up. It was "Pool Party" night there, which was a little ridiculous.

Robert arrived around 9, and we met a new guy in town named Barry there. Before the night was over, he asked Robert out, which he politely declined.

The group attending Brooks and Dunn next weekend talked a little bit about tailgating plans. We'll firm them up on Wednesday.

We left at about 11:30, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMed, and MMMMMMMMMMMMed.

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