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~Saturday~  I was up at 9:15 and went down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. In a change from normal, it was uncrowded, which made it a very relaxing and free breakfast.

Upon heading back to the room, I picked up a cup of coffee, a cup of orange juice, and some danish for Joe.

We spent a couple of hours at the Port City Java coffee shop on Market Street, during which I did a little research for Jen's and my presentation on Tuesday, and then worked on that long blog entry for Thursday that captured my thoughts from Dr. Sherry Turkle's talk.

The entire time we were there, Joe and I instant messaged catty things to each other about the people sitting around us who were annoying us, and inappropriate things about hot men sitting in our vicinity or coming and going in and out of the place. Fun with technology.

A tall drink of water sat on a chair next to us and he kept "adjusting his junk," which we both found distracting in a must-rubberneck-at-a-traffic-accident kind of way.

We had something to say about the couple sitting out front who thought it was clever and cute to give their infant a ring of keys to suck, chew, and otherwise drool on.

And we had something else to say about the brilliancy and thoughtfulness of a limo driver pulling into the large—and largely empty—parking lot, but parking right up front in such a way that he had to help someone back out of a spot without hitting said limo.

We left there after noon and stopped by an Arby's about two establishments down from our hotel. We were served by a "family member," one of whom we've seen (albeit on rare occasions) at "da cluuubs all up in Raleigh."

Back at the hotel, I continued the work on my Turkle blog entry, while Joe ran pretty much across the street to the Target and got some supplies, which mostly meant snacks. He also bought some screen shields for his cracked CrackBerry display.

When he returned, we tried to find the latest episode of Glee, which I thought was Never Been Kissed, but we only were able to find previews of it. We didn't know it then, but we were to find out why the next day at the Bloody Mary Bar. But I digress... and into the future, no less...

We ended up watching the Duets episode instead, which I'd already seen, but Joe hadn't, as he's not watching Glee regularly at all; in fact, he's only seen a couple of episodes.

We got to The Toolbox sometime after 10:30, where tonight's "entertainment" was this pasty white, hairless, youth really that neither Joe nor I found attractive or even interesting in any way. I'm sure he was a very nice person, though.

At one point, during his "performance," he walked up to Joe and said hello while starting to "gyrate" in front of him, and Joe said, "How's it going?" while brushing him to his side and away from him by pushing on his shoulder.

The (alleged) judge was there again, in presumably a different pair of white slacks, and presumably still looking for out of town trade. Mercifully, he did not approach me again with his if-you-keep-putting-the-same-thing-in why-would-you-expect-to-get-anything-different-out approach to hooking up.



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