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Bookended by hotties, arrogant sorrow, a punctilious grammar lady, and forgotten images...

~Monday~  I parked up on Gorman near Avent Ferry and caught the #9 GV Tripper to DH Hill this morning. I ended up being "bookended" by two little hotties, one of whom looked a little like my friend Will.

An Asian couple boarded and took seats opposite the aisle from each other instead of side-by-side and proceeded to talk in Chinese to each other the entire way.

No one made conversation with the bus driver.

I had a five-minute meeting with my boss today, after her staff meeting with her boss, during which she filled me in on the salient points, and after which we canceled our Tuesday morning meeting, which is where we'd normally go over that stuff. Yay.

On the way to lunch, walking on Hillsborough Street, I passed a good looking man sitting in front of a coffee shop having coffee, reading, and smoking a cigarette. I had my usual thought about people I see smoking, which is to feel sorry for them that they are addicted, but today for some reason I considered that that just might be condescending and arrogant.

I met Susan Katz for lunch at Laziz Biryani, where I got my usual Kabob Wrap, and which was delicious as usual. It was her first time there, and she also ordered the Kabob Wrap and liked it. We had good conversation, and the time flew by, as usual.

On the walk back, I passed a fast food type place that had a hand written ad on notebook paper—talk about knowing your audience—that said, "Onion Ringz." The punctilious grammar lady in me didn't love that.

I forgot to include this picture of an old Woolworth store counter that we saw while we were in Asheville the weekend before last:

And another forgotten image, from Sunday night's drag show at Legends:

In a very rare occurrence, I went to bed at 9:00 tonight, not with the intention of napping, but with the intention of sleeping through the night.
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