DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Tennis anyone?

Robert made us breakfast. I worked from home today. He left at about 10:00.

Kim Sametimed me just as I was logging off. I was able to help her solve an IDWB problem. I felt good about that.

I rushed to Fletcher Park to meet Jim for tennis. I missed the Crabtree exit, and went down Six Forks to Anderson back to Glenwood. Made me a little late, and of course, stressed me out!

We didn't play any games today, just hit the ball. I was afraid to hurt myself this close to the ride. Jim understood that.

At one point Jim's glasses came apart, and a lens fell on the ground. While he fixed them, these two little boys, one 6 and his brother 3, came on the court. They wanted to hit the ball some. I gave the older one my racket, and I picked up Jim's. The little one immediately started climbing all over him saying, "I want it. Gimmie it."

After a few swings, he gave the little guy the racket, which was practically bigger than he was. He hit the very first one thought! And none after that. Then he started swinging my racket down onto the court. I asked him to stop, and approached him. Then I said, "Give me the racket, please."

"No, I want it."

I held his arm and I said, "Haven't I been nice to you and let you use my racket."

"I want it. No, I want to keep it."

I repeated, "Haven't I been nice to you and let you use my racket?" He shook his head a little suggesting no, and pouted his lip a little.

I squeezed his arm a little and repeated, "Haven't I been nice to you and let you use my racket?

"Yes," he said quietly.

"Well you be nice now and give me my racket back. Okay?" He handed it to me.

The weather was so fantastic this afternoon. When I left there, I went out on my deck, booted up my laptop, and worked on the TCW meeting minutes.

At about 8:00 Steve called and asked me to meet him down at Capital Lanes. He had met some of the folks in his graduate school class, and one of them is gay, and bowling on the summer league. I met him there, and we found out that the guy has a partner.

We left there at about 10:15.

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