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Shopping center kissing, babies in car seats, pitching & catching, & half-priced cover charges...

~Friday~  I was back on the 8:15 city bus this morning, and that "outdoorsy" looking girl was driving, and I immediately thought of the drama that happened out at Cameron Village yesterday: No Kissing at Cameron Village? Or no kissing if you're gay?

The Magazine Lady was aboard reading a small, mail-order catalog. She stopped and removed her eyeglasses—which had earpieces that were clear for the most part, with a slight, light blue tint to them—to clean them. She wiped them with a tissue, and then wiped around her eyes with the tissue. Then, she clipped them onto her blouse by sending one of the earpieces down into her bosom.

She mustn't have liked that though, because very quickly, she took them out, wiped them again with the tissue, and put them back on. Then, she put the mail-order catalog away and took out this month's Ebony magazine.

A lady go on at the Burt & Gorman stop, and she carried a baby in a car seat aboard, to which the driver made some comment, which I think was something to the effect of, "You can't leave the baby in that car seat while riding," which seemed kind of ironic to me. Technically, I guess it's not a "bus seat," and there are no seat belts to attach it to, so perhaps that's why. As a complete aside: I never have understood why there aren't seat belts on buses.

And just because it was about a baby in a car seat, I thought about this recent story in the local news: Mom runs over baby in car seat.

My work week concluded with what I imagine to be like a "no-hitter" in baseball. With that said, I know absolutely nothing about baseball. Well, that's not exactly true. I know what a walk, a balk, and a home run is. And I know about pitchers and catchers. But I digress...

All that is to say, today was my fifth day in a row—completing the entire work week—with not a single meeting. Hallelujah.

At around 3:00 in the afternoon, Sarah, a friend a peer manager to mine, asked me if I'd ride over to the Talley Student Center with her to bring over some supplies that she and Jen were going to be using at the university Open House this weekend.

Thanks to that same friend, Jen, for the corroboration of the Couple's babies born 8/8/8, 9/9/9, 10/10/10 story!

I met Joe at Flex and we walked over to The Borough, where we sat at the bar for a couple of drinks, and where we were joined by Mike—a guy we both know, but whose last name I don't know, although I probably knew it at one time.

After that, we walked over to Flex, where Friday nights have been pretty much tragic for quite a while now. We looked through the bars at the entrance there, and through the window on the door, and could see that it was pretty tragic in there. "Let's go to Legends," I said to Joe.

Bill, the door guy, tried to convince us to go in anyway, and even offered us 50% off the cover charge. We're talking $1.00 instead of $2.00. Bless that place's mess.

After paying the exorbitant $7.00 cover charge at Legends, we watched the midnight drag show, which starred the venerable Ebony Summers (from last night's Trailer Park Prize Night emcee-dom), Mary K. Mart, Dana St. James, and Victoria Porkchop Parker.

The girls were all pretty entertaining, with no make-up caked CDs, or meltdowns, to speak of.
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