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Running all kinds of behind, pondering the twins' laundry, and a CD caked up with make-up skips...

~Thursday~  I was running all kinds of behind this morning, so being too late for the 8:15 city bus, I drove up to the Wolfline #9 Greek Village stop up on Gorman Street close to Avent Ferry Road, where I haven't parked since they completed the repaving of Gorman.

It's obvious that you are once again allowed to park all day long on the side of Gorman Street there, up near Avent Ferry, with the only change being that now there's a bicycle lane right beside the curb parking area for the cars. It's such that if you open your driver's side door without looking behind you and a bicyclist is coming up the bike path without anticipating it, they'd crash right into your door. Let's see how long it takes to get a news report about that happening. And let's just hope I'm not in the story.

In an unbelievable, and much appreciated stroke of luck, day four of five days this week without a single meeting at work.

I took the Wolfine #1 Avent Ferry bus home today, on which I encountered "the twins," whom I hadn't seen in a while:

Seeing them made me think a few things:

  1. I wonder how old they are.

  2. I wonder how long they'll continue to coordinate outfits like that.

  3. I wonder what percentage of their clothing matches the other's.

  4. I wonder how far in advance they discuss what they'll be wearing.

  5. I wonder if they schedule their laundry to make sure they both have the same outfits available "when it's time," or if they just do all of their laundry together.

  6. I wonder how often they take advantage of BOGO sales on outfits. (As a complete aside: I never have understood why the acronym is not BOGOF.)

A girl sitting across from me was reading the Technician, which is the university's student newspaper, and when she let it fall down on her lap, I saw that my colleague, and friend, Twanda was on the front page. I sent her an e-mail with this picture attached to it, saying, "Girl, I saw you on the bus."

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night, arriving at about 11:30, and where I hung out earlier with Alex and Steven, and later with Bob and his work colleagues (several of whom I'd met at his Tupperware party), who were a lot of fun to watch. Most of them are straight, and for most of them it was their first visit to the Trailer Park.

At one point in the show (and I use the term "show" loosely), they had a contest in which three contestants had to eat some maggots from the recently held Raleigh Bugfest, and the person who ate the most the fastest "won." The most quotable moment of the night was when Ebony Summers—the African-American drag queen and tonight's emcee—said, "As long as there's fried chicken around, I ain't eatin' no insects."

Speaking of drag queens, one of them who was in the show was walking around before the show, just as drunk as she could be. I was hoping to god she wouldn't do a cartwheel or forward flip during her performance tonight—both of which she's prone to do, and from one of which she's broken her foot in the past.

When she did perform later, her music messed up during her routine, and she and Brigner had an "on air" spat, she yelling about him making the CD skip, and he yelling back that "it was her goddamned caked-up lipstick all over it" that was making it skip. When she finally got through with her routine, she grabbed the microphone and started yelling at Brigner and Flex in general in a tirade that hasn't been seen since the infamous on-stage meltdown of Tula Boxx years ago.

Oh the drama!
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