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08-08-08/09-09-09/10-10-10 siblings, an all-day event of "Turning Older," and GLEEful dancing...

~Wednesday~  I arrived at the bus stop at 7:48, and it hadn't come by 8:00, so I drove down the street to catch the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus at Kaplan and Gorman.

In that short drive, I heard on a morning radio show that a couple just had their third baby on 10-10-10. What was remarkable about the story is that the baby has siblings born on 09-09-09 and 08-08-08. I wasn't able to confirm that with an online search, but it is pretty incredible if it's true.

In an interesting coincidence, Li'l Dino boarded at her usual stop, also catching the university bus this morning instead of the city bus. She boarded while on the phone, and she had to stand in the aisle as the bus was already getting full by the time it reached her stop. She didn't see me at first, but when she did, she bent over, tapped my shoulder, and mouthed, "Good morning."

I only had one thing on my personal calendar today, and it was an all-day event: "Turn older!" Today, I'm:

When I got to work, my officemate and boss, Rhonda, had a Cafe Carolina & Bakery croissant waiting for me, with egg and cheese on it and two side orders of bacon. She'd also baked one of her famous rum cakes, which she had out with a pot of coffee, for everyone in the office to enjoy.

After lunch, we had a choice of vanilla or butter pecan ice-cream, which she'd also brought in. I put out the Tupperware container of toppings, saying to folks, "Our goal is to finish these toppings—from Jude's retirement party—before the end of the year!"

Here are some things, a couple of them affirmations, that I've been meaning to capture:

  1. I love this Bizarro comic that my friend, and fellow bus rider, Ann pointed me to earlier this week:

  2. At the end of my "Writing for the Web" presentation last Thursday, when I was thanking Leslie for the opportunity to present to her group, she made this comment, "I find that I always learn something new when I'm around you." That coming from someone with a Ph.D was pretty sweet.

  3. When I got home late Sunday night, there was a greeting card from Casey—my house guest of the last two weeks—that said on the outside: "A Very Special Thank You," and on the inside, "With Sincere Appreciation." And with the hand-written sentiments, "John, thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I appreciate you opening up your home to me—and including me in your social schedule. You have the most generous heart and I'm honored to know you. Casey." Warm heart, overflowing tear ducts.

  4. If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth a watch. Having once considered driving my car into a ditch to end it all, I can relate on some level—albeit I was 35 and tortured by my own self-loathing, not a teen being bullied by others. SSDD, though, really.

    I know I'm glad I stuck around to see it get "so much better." I absolutely love my life now.

I'm almost hesitant to jinx the week by saying it, but I had a meetingless work day for the third day in a row today. Shhhhh!

During lunch time, I ran to the post office to mail that card of pictures to Aunt Rita, and I picked up lunch from Laziz Biryani Corner, which as always, was out of this world.

I didn't leave for 9:00 dancing until almost 9:00, because I watched the last Chilean miner being rescued through a live video feed on cnn.com. Poignant.

When I arrived at Flex, copies of this poster—made by the super-creative Van Early of the Early Design Group—were plastered all around the bar:

Needless to say, they made me Gleeful.

For some inexplicable reason, the bar was absolutely packed tonight, so line-dancing was a ton of fun. Eight or ten people took the lesson, which was of The Canadian Stomp.

I danced a bunch of two-steps, alternately leading and following, so all-in-all it was a night of great fun and good exercise.

October 13, 2010: I had a great day today with so many Facebook birthday wishes, cards, phone calls, great dancing, and "feeling the love." I have such wonderful people in my life.

Here's to the next 365 days, my 54th year on the planet. God save the queen. But I digress...
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