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Thoughts on the bus, a quiet work week, porn on aisle 1, and killer cheesecake...

~Tuesday~  The 8:15 city bus came at 8:25. While I waited, I checked my e-mail on my BlackBerry, where I found a link to a review of Breadcrumbs, Manbites Dog's current production, and I sent a link to it to Robert and Casey. Read other reviews.

Some random thoughts I had on the bus ride in this morning:

  1. Some people never seem to be quiet with themselves. This thought was triggered by that same Light Bill Lady, once again on the phone when she boarded and staying on it the entire trip in.

  2. I'm looking forward to some downtime tonight.

  3. I'm looking forward to the First Day of Winter. This thought was prompted by something I thought of doing on that day, and to that end, I put a reminder on my Google calendar of the day. It's marked private, so don't even bother. :-)

I had another glorious meetingless work day. It's going to be a little quieter than normal this week in the office, as my boss's boss is out the rest of the week attending the EDUCAUSE 2010 conference in Anaheim.

I ran a few errands this evening:

  1. I stopped by the Family Dollar store to pick up a couple of $.50 - $1.00 blank greeting cards, one to use later to send some pictures to my aunt, and a couple of others just to have on hand for future occasions. While I was there, I picked up five bags of Bit O' Honey

    There was a white lady checking out in front of me, and she had about five boxes of some hair color product for black women, and I wondered why. She grabbed the bag of her stuff and left, and I moved up to checkout, with those five boxes of hair color still there, while the person behind me in line thought, "Why does that gay, white boy need some black lady hair product?" Somebody needs to clean up that area around the register.

  2. Passing the post office, I dropped off the response card to Carlos and Kim's wedding with a little note on it about what a good time I had, not being able to let the already-stamped envelope go to waste. It'll be a little surprise in their mail when they return from their honeymoon in Rome. Assuming, of course, Kim doesn't read it here first.

  3. I did a run to Target at Crossroads to finally fulfill my aunt's request for a copy of pictures I'd sent her and my uncle of their 50th wedding anniversary, which was over the Memorial Day weekend. The original copies were used in my uncle's funeral, and she requested duplicates back in August, when I was in the Outer Banks.

    As I entered the Target, immediately on the left by the customer service desk, I saw some kiosks that looked like the ones in the Photo Department, but dismissed them as the wedding and baby registry kiosks. I barreled to the right back corner of the store where the Photo Department is in that store only to find it gone. They've put in a whole new food section there, which I guess means it is officially becoming a "Super Target" store.

    "Where's the photo department?" I asked a nearby stocker.

    "It's right at the entrance now, to your left as soon as you come in the store."

    A little while ago I did a major file dump, including some porn, to my flash drive in the process of backing up my laptop. I've got to get that stuff off there. When I stuck the flash drive into the kiosk to navigate to the anniversary pictures and passed over the file folder with that stuff in it, well, let's just say that nobody (least of all me) likes to get "flashed" like that in a store.

    No, really, that's my cousin Dick.

    Really? Looks more like your cousin's dick.

  4. My final errand was a stop at K-Mart to pick up my Nexium refill. They have finally put out the Christmas trees. A little late, wouldn't you say?

I had planned to go to the Lt. Dan Choi lecture tonight at NC State, but I really needed some downtime, so I blew it off. I did think it would be a rather interesting night to see him, though, with the day's ruling by U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Enforcement Must Be Halted."

At home, I ate that slice of Caramel Pecan Turtle cheesecake that Joe gave me last night, but that we were too full to eat after dinner at The Pit. It was absolutely scrumptious!

I finally finished Saturday's blog entry about Carols and Kim's wedding day. Whew!
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