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Closets are for clothes, a meetingless work day, drinks with Jeff, & dinner with Joe...

~Monday~  Now more than ever, it's important to come out. Closets are for clothes, not people. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

In light of the recent early arrival of the 7:45 bus, I was out at the stop at 7:44. It came at 7:50.

Magazine Lady was aboard, but she wasn't reading a magazine this morning. She got up at the stop after I got on to pay her fare, so she must have not had her money ready when she got on at her stop.

It looks like they are starting to build a shelter at the Gorman and Marcom start. I wish they'd put one up at my stop. That would be the deal.

The lady who needed help paying her light bill last week boarded at the next stop. She was on the phone while boarding, which is against the rules, and she was explaining to someone why she was late, or so it seemed, "I tried, but I went back to sleep and then I overslept." Get it together, gurl.

I had a nice work day of no meetings. Rare, and appreciated.

I met Jeff S. at The Borough for drinks, and to catch up on his job situation. He had good news, with a second in-person interview scheduled for tomorrow. I'm wishing him luck.

I had one cocktail and a bowl of tomato-basil soup, which was delicious.

From there, I met Joe, and he drove us over to The Pit, which I've been wanting to try for quite a while now. It's received rave reviews since it opened, and I think it may have even been featured on some food show.

I had chopped barbecue, and I chose coleslaw (of course!) and mac and cheese as my two sides. I can't eat BBQ without slaw; I love the combination. All of it was most delicious, and I took about half of the BBQ and slaw to go, as I was stuffed, and wanted to save room for dessert, which Joe had as a surprise in his car.

Because we were so stuffed, and it was still kind of early, we stopped at Helios for some coffee, where I fortuitously ran into half the Salon, which is to say Sarah, Etta, and Brad.

We were still full after that, so when we got back to Flex, Joe showed me that he'd bought two pieces of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, and I chose the Caramel Pecan Turtle:

over the Reese's® Peanut Butter Chocolate one, though you wouldn't have to twist my arm to eat either. In addition to the cheesecake, Joe gave me a nice card and an iTunes gift card. Sweet! Thanks, my friend.

We only stayed briefly at Karaoke, as it was pretty dead in there.
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