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That's So Train Wreck, Home Depot porn spam, a new thermostat, a gay reception, and a night out...

~Saturday~  When I got down to my kitchen, there was a sticky note on my thermostat from Casey that he'd just left to go for a run. This inspired me to run to the gym right after a quick breakfast.

I did a 40-minute cardio workout on the elliptical machine, for a 711-calorie burn. There was an absolutely inane episode (I've got a feeling they're all inane) of That's So Raven on the TV in front of me, and the close captions were like a train wreck I couldn't take my eyes off of.

After a quick shower at home, I tweeted that I was going to Lowe's and I got this tweet in response to mine:

Needless to say, I didn't click on that link, this obviously being spam with the picture of this Twitter account's big-tittied, halter-topped owner down in the bottom left corner.

Casey and I headed out to the Crossroads shopping area, where we had lunch, his treat (Thanks, Casey!), at Sweet Tomatoes.

After that, we parked in the extremely heavily odoriferous Lowe's parking lot that reeked of a tar pit. After learning that the heat pump thermostats were in the plumbing aisle, we were able to immediately zero in on the two choices I was to select from, as last night Casey had done "extensive research into the optimal Honeywell digital thermostat that would work with the Trane XE 1000 heat pump with auxiliary power."

At home, Casey installed—and programmed—my thermostat.

Joe arrived at around 3:00, and we drove a couple of miles up Avent Ferry Road to Jason and Scott's reception. They were actually married several weeks ago in Washington, DC, but this reception was for their local friends.

Ben and Dale were there, and it was nice to catch up with them. We met a guy named Richard there, who was sitting next to Joe at one point, and he and I had a nice chat. He works for the State, too, as a mainframe programmer, working at the Department of Transportation.

Jason and Scott had Hershey's kisses in little bags to take with you that said, "Jason & Scott 9/20/2010" imprinted on the bottom of them, and they reminded me that somewhere in my house, I still have some napkins that say, "Donna & John, August, 5, 1978," on them.

Casey and I met Joe at Flex at just after 9:30, and we walked over to The Borough for a couple of drinks. Tom, of The Dawson, told us about his love/hate relationship with the female bartenders there, to which I shared some empathy. He then did everything he possibly could to not explicitly state how good he thinks he looks right now, while telling us about his recent 25th high school reunion, which he didn't attend, but he'd seen pictures from it and let's just say the people had "let themselves go." But not letting themselves go like this.

We meandered over to Flex, where there were two live singers performing. The second singer wore a cowboy hat and sang country and western songs. Carl and Bill were there and they were itching to dance, but I did not want to go up there in front of all of those people, and besides, the dance floor wasn't cleared. It was tempting, though, when the singer sang Keith Urban's Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me, which we do a line dance called Georgia Winder to. Phil and Loren were also both out tonight, as was brianrdu.

We left shortly after midnight, and I was happy to have a designated driver with me. Thanks, Casey!
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