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Rack & Ride Day, Listpro & Flipboard, Reveal Night, and The Miniature Earth...

~Tuesday~  The weather was just perfect today, which translates into temperatures in the high 60s. I think it's been fairly clearly established here that my body temperature tends to run a little high. Ya think?

I caught the 8:15 city bus in, and Try Transit Week has finally arrived, and this is how it will affect the CAT system:

CAT: September 27-October 1

  • September 27th, Monday -Try Transit Week Kickoff - Mayor Meeker will kick off the week at Moore Square Station
  • September 28th, Tuesday - Rack and Ride Day - Bike to a bus stop and RIDE FOR FREE (first come, first serve) Visit us at the Duke Medical Plaza Knightdale Park and Ride from 4-6pm for a special event!
  • September 29th, Wednesday - Stuff the Bus Food Drive - Come help us stuff a bus for the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina. Donate 3 canned goods (no glass containers) to be stuffed into a cat bus and receive a coupon for a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, no purchase necessary! *only one coupon per participant, and participant must be present*
  • September 30th, Thursday - Rider Appreciation Day - FARE FREE DAY !!!!! Ride CAT for free! Also, stop by Moore Square Transit Station and get free ice cream from 12:30-4:30.
  • October 1st, Friday - Operations Appreciation Day - Show your favorite driver your appreciation for providing safe and friendly service (other activates internally to say thank you to our entire operations staff). Nominate your favorite bus driver.

At the stop after mine, a passenger loaded his bike on the rack in front of the bus, and when he went to pay when he came on board, the driver said, "If you gotta bike, you don't gotta pay."

And he said, "I don't? For real??? Well, things are lookin' up, then!"

The magazine-reading lady got on, and she read Ebony today.

In the ad section there was an ad for the Starting Point Church, which evidently has finally "arrived" with an ad on the city bus. I've gotten at least one postcard ad in my U.S. mail from them each week for the last four or so weeks. I've also seen a "yard sign" stuck somewhere advertising for them. They are doing some heavy recruiting for Jesus. They meet at the movie theater in Mission Valley. Talk about putting the "mission" in Mission Valley.

I worked on a digital scrapbook for my boss' retirement gathering, which is this Thursday. "It's gonna be great." (That's one of her signature phrases.)

I attended a "Lunch & Learn" from noon until 1:00: Lunch & Learn: Mobile Devices & Applications: Tap Into What's New. I made note of a couple of mobile apps I'm interested in checking out: Listpro and Flipboard, although Flipboard is for the iPad, one of which I don't own.

Tonight was Alternative Service Break Reveal Night, which is the night that all of the kids (about 300 of them) who are going on trips this year find out to which trip they got assigned. Everyone applying to the program puts down a first, second, and third choice of these trips, and tonight's the night they find out which one they got on.

Before the teams were announced, we had a short introduction and reminder to everyone, about what the Alternative Service Break program is and what it is not about. This was a nice and short, 3.5-minute video that shared some astounding statics in a very "consumable" way:

Our team members were announced and then we had about a 30- to 40-minute meeting to introduce ourselves to each other and to do one ice-breaker, which consisted of writing something down on a piece of paper that people probably wouldn't expect about you. I wrote, "My great-great grandmother had 24 kids—21 boys and 3 girls."

One person wrote down that they played the harmonica. Another person noted that they played the cello. When both of those items were identified, I asked the cello player if she'd ever played a duet with a harmonica player. "Well you just might get that chance," I said when she answered, "No."

Casey came and "fetched me" from Talley and we had a quiet, pleasant night in.
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