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Umbrella issues, the steam oven, lunch w/Myra, alphabetical schmalphabetical, Casey cooks, & Kohl's

~Monday~  It was raining this morning, and it's supposed to rain for at least the next three days. I couldn't find my umbrella upon heading out to the bus stop this morning, and I proceeded like one does when the electricity goes out, continuing to flip on lights and turn to electronics that do not respond.

I thought I must have left my umbrella in the car last night, so then I said, "Oh, I can just get my other one out of the trunk of my car," but when I opened my front door to do that, I remembered that Casey, my house guest, had my car. So I came back in, and after making sure one more time around the house that I hadn't just overlooked it, I said, "Oh, I can just drive down to the bus stop an sit in my car until..."

I ended up grabbing a hoodie to use the hood to cover myself from the rain, but I had way too much in my hands between my laptop bag, my soft-sided briefcase, and soemting else I was carrying that I can't recall now to just hold the hood of my hoodie over my head, so I had to put it on. Of course by the time the bus came, I was sweating up a storm.

The steam oven arrived and as soon as I boarded, this happened:

Somebody had his MP3 player turned up so load that at one point the bus driver turned off the fans and said, "You're going to have to turn that down."

I had lunch plans with my dear friend Myra, so I went to borrow an umbrella from Jen to catch the buses during lunch. When I looked behind her door to see what she was offering me, it was yellow, with some kind of flowers and girly shit on it, and I said, "Honey, I'm gay, but I'm not using that umbrella."

My friend, and her officemate, Nick said, "Here, you can use this one." On the surface, it looked okay. At least it was black. However, by the time I'd finished with it, I was having to hold it open with one finger, a hinge was broke so one side hung down, and at one time I pushed so hard on the handle to close it, that the handle bent by 45°. I'd've been better off with the girly one.

I caught the Wolfline #5 Varsity bus to the McKimmon Center stop, and met Myra at Wendy's at the corner of Gorman and Western Boulevard. After a quick hug, I used their restroom, where they had one of those hand dryers that is so powerful that it moves your skin all around.

I had a great visit with Myra, as always, and got caught up on all of our mutual friends. The Rotary Club and SWOOP were two organizations that came up in the conversation, both of which I did a little investigation on afterwards.

On the way back, I stopped by Talley Student Center to pick up a permit that we had to get in order to hang a Google banner from the roof of the Courtyard Atrium facing The Brickyard. I've never seen a more hosed up system than what they had going on there at the Student Resource Center.

I had to look in these folders that were hanging in these slots on the wall in a hall, the first of which was marked A-H, followed by an I-P one, and finally by a Q-Z one. It was supposed to have been issued under Greene, my officemate's last name, but a quick glance through the G folder did not find it, about which I'd've been alarmed except for the fact that I saw other permits in there issued to people's last names that did not begin with a letter between A & H.

Of course that meant that I had to check the other two folders, just to be sure, and I found the permit for Greene in the Q-Z folder. Nice. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the permit was to allow us to hang that banner for about four weeks, and the permit had one line for every day of the three weeks, including the weekends, indicating that day's date, which ended up taking four pages to print, none of which were duplexed.

What an absolute waste of the planet. They could have very easily had one page that indicated that the permit was valid from [start date] to [end date] and be done with it. Or, at the very least, have duplexed the sheets. Redamndiculous.

Casey made dinner for us tonight, spaghetti with mushroom sauce to which he added some browned ground turkey. He also cooked green beans, and made some garlic bread to go with it. Most delicious.

After dinner, we ran to Kohl's so Casey could buy a dress shirt and a belt to wear for an unplanned customer visit that had come up for tomorrow.

We were in and out of there, and we stopped at Cookout on the way home for a shake. I got a caramel one, and Casey got a Mint Chocolate Chip one. Yummy!
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