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Unmentionables mentioned, dinner w/Casey, a grocery run, non sequitur names, & hair that rules...

~Sunday~  In anticipation of Casey's arrival later today, I washed the linens from my guest bedroom and bathroom, as well as did a separate load of my unmentionables. Actually, I'll go ahead and mention them: several pairs of boxers, a few pairs of boxer briefs, and the occasional cum towel. But I seriously digress...

I picked up Casey at the airport at around 6:00, and we went directly to dinner at Cueva de Lobos, which is a Mexican restaurant just around the corner from my house, and for which I bought a Groupon a couple of months back. I paid $7 for it, and it was good toward $15 worth of food this evening.

Casey had their:

Quesadilla Texana: $10.95
The largest quesadilla you’ll ever see. One enormous flour tortilla filled with marinated and grilled shrimp, chicken, steak, onions, peppers, tomatoes, & cheese. Served with a Mexican salad.

and I got their:

Sizzling Chicken and Steak Fajitas: $10.95
Marinated and grilled chicken or steak served on a sizzling skillet with grilled onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Served with flour or corn tortillas, rice, beans, and a Mexican salad. Half chicken/half steak also available.

I put in the Groupon, and Casey picked up the rest of the tab. Thanks, Casey!

From there, we ventured to the other end of the shopping center, where we did a quick run through the grocery store. And Casey picked up the check for that. My kind of house guest! Thanks, again, Casey.

We met Joe at 9:00 at Flex, and the three of us walked over to The Borough in the rain, with Joe and Casey under Joe's umbrella, and me under my own.

We had two drinks there, which is to say, I had two drinks there. They each had bottomless soft drinks. My friend Michael Lester was there, and we spoke for just a little bit with him. This is what he looks like:

However, he didn't look like that tonight. That picture was from Pride Weekend this past weekend.

Speaking of gay friends, my friend Mark Zumbach, who is such a character, and so dramatic in the classic, theatrical sense of the word posted this Facebook status update today, which just slayed me:

Mark Thunder Zumbach: Just emptied the lint trap in my dryer. 50% lint, 15% cat fur, 15% faux fur, 20% Glitter. That seems about right.

I don't think I mentioned that I had a couple of drinks, okay three, before Casey and I left home, since Casey was kind enough to drive us downtown, so after the two at The Borough, I was—so they say—starting to light up like a Christmas holiday tree.

At Flex, we ran into a guy who's one of these people with two names. People. Pick a name.

So, I said to him, "Are you Brian or Noah tonight?"

After explaining that one of those names was his middle name, and that he only used it for a very short time, he said [Editorial comment: I can neither confirm nor deny any of this conversation; it was told to me second-hand.], "What's your middle name?"

And when I answered, honestly, "I don't have a middle name," he purportedly asked, "You don't? Are you Catholic?"

To which I purportedly responded, "No, I'm half Portuguese and half French."

Which, in sober retrospect, is about as much a non sequitur as this Failblog entry:

Next, we saw my friend Brent, who's also in the theater—What is it with these gays and the theater?—and he had a huge feather sticking up from the back of his head. Did I mention that my glasses were in the car?

He and I ended up in front of the sinks in the restroom washing our hands at the same time, and I said not even really glancing up, "Is that a feather in your hair?"

To which he replied, "No, that is my hair." And as he walked away, I took a good hard look, and indeed it was his hair, plastered with products so thick that that thing stuck up like a ruler.

Bless my mess. Did I mention that Casey doesn't drink alcohol at all? Thanks for being my designated driver tonight, Casey!
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