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All caught up with Glee, Mostly Social Book Club, and some short-lived insanity...

~Sunday~  I went to Jen's at 1:00 for "Glee Club," where we first reviewed the Wikipedia entries for the next three episodes picking up from where we left off last. The reason we only reviewed these instead of watching them was because I'd already seen them a while back, when I first watched the Laryngitis episode to see the scene between Kurt and his dad that I mentioned in this blog entry. And as I mentioned in entries subsequent to that one, I watched the episode before that one and after that one, just because I wanted to see what led up to that one and what happened after it. In other words, I was hooked.

We didn't just "skip" them, because when I watched them back then I didn't know anything about Glee, so I basically saw them "out of context." But now that I know all of the characters and their situations, I just wanted a reminder of what took place during those three episodes: Bad Reputation, Laryngitis, and Dream On.

After that, we watched the final three episodes of the season: Theatricality, Funk, and the season finale, Journey. Love, love, love that show. And all ready now for the new season, which premiers on Tuesday.

I dropped by work after that for about an hour-and-a-half, before heading to Caribou Coffee out at Brier Creek for Mostly Social Book Club. Although it was only 6:30, traffic was already well into jamming up near the RBC Center for the 8:00 Lady Gaga concert. The little monsters.

Everyone was present but Janet, who was in San Francisco. After recently announcing our next book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Janet had e-mailed that she'd already read it, and Sharon showed up with her copy, already half-read after obtaining it only yesterday. That's a good sign.

Our 2.5-hour meeting was indeed "mostly social," although we did talk briefly about books. Yay, us.

I dropped by scareyoke on the way back, arriving at about 9:30 and leaving at just before 10:00. To paraphrase something someone once said, "Insanity is to keep putting the same thing in and expect to get out anything different."
Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, books, msbc, television

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