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~Saturday~  I was up at a decent hour, since I was to bed at a decent hour. Funny how that works.

Robert arrived at shortly after noon, and we made our way over to the fairgrounds for The Greek Festival. I had free admission tickets, compliments of a (Greek) co-worker, who's involved with the festival each year. Admission saved: $6.00, $3.00 a piece.

Robert got a gyro and some "Greek fries," and I had their most delicious:

Greek style baked chicken, basted in a marinade of olive oil, garlic and oregano and served on a bed of rice pilaf.

We checked out their Baklava Sundae, but it didn't especially appeal to either one of us, so we decided to split an order of these instead:

Piping hot, deep fried, honeyed dough puffs drenched in hot syrup and dusted with cinnamon.

Here's the rest of the Greek Festival Food Menu, if you're interested.

I attended a house warming party of my former neighbor, Kathryn, and her fairly new husband, Mark, who's the reason she's no longer my neighbor. But I'm not bitter.

I just love their new house, and by new, I mean brand new; Google maps still shows the area as what looks like a giant sand pit. It's in Renaissance Park, off Tryon Road in Raleigh. It has several of the requirements I would have in a new home including: a downstairs master, a screened-in porch in the rear, and a balcony overlooking the street in front.

I've never seen one of these before, and I just loved it, as it takes away all that typical "cutting of the cake drama."

I think it'd be great for my upcoming boss's retirement party, but I'm pretty sure my officemate wouldn't go for it.

I was careful exiting their subdivision, as while I was there, Kathryn told the story of a recent housewarming party of a neighbor, who as their parents were leaving, turning back onto Tryon Road, they were broadsided and the father was killed.

I was so impressed with this TED talk that I both tweeted about it, and put it in a Facebook status update: It's hugely inspirational and profound. With that said, it's an 18-minute investment, which means it will mostly go unseen. :-(

How Web Video Powers Innovation

I met Joe at Flex at 9:15, and we walked over to The Borough, where he had dinner, and I had half his sandwich and a bite of his macaroni and cheese. And a couple of bourbon and diets, of course.

Eventually we made our way over to Flex where it was technically blackout night, but in reality there was enough light in the place to still see what you were getting, which in most cases was unfortunate. What you couldn't see, you could smell. Ashtrays.


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Sep. 20th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
You might want to check out Cake Wrecks for the reason that your office mate might not go for a cupcake cake for your boss's retirement.

Just sayin.

p.s.: why would anyone want to attend "blackout night" at the bar? Is this an institutionalized group grope? Or is this a chance for someone who is "Personality 10, Looks 3" to mingle more freely?

p.p.s.: I don't suppose your Greek co-worker knows anyone who looks like Ian Miller, do they?
Sep. 20th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)

LOL. Cake Wrecks. There's a website for everything!

As for blackout night, the only reason I go (to Flex most of the time, in fact) is because my drink (bourbon and Diet Coke) is $3.75, and I pretty much can't get it anywhere else downtown for less than $5.00.

I can't even begin to fathom the reasons other people go. :-) I can say that it definitely is not conducive to an "institutionalized group grope," because, as I noted, it doesn't get that dark in there between all of the TV monitors that are left on in there and the light coming from behind the bar and the DJ booth.

RE: Greek men. I go for the dark-haired, hairy type myself. Like this one.

Sep. 20th, 2010 05:28 pm (UTC)
The last time I was in Atlanta (visiting an EAGLE member, by the by) I was walking with my host through a park close to downtown.

Splayed on a bench, wearing Daisy Dukes, was a man whose body hair was not far off from your linked picture. Except it was groomed. Yes, I'm pretty sure he (or someone) brushed all that hair before he left the house that day. He and his eensy lil dog were both auburn, so you can imagine the sight they provided.

After we walked a good distance past this human Chewbacca, my host turned to me and said, "Ooh, she's wearing her sweater today, isn't she?"

If you happen to visit Chicago in the swelter of August for the express purpose of attending North Halsted Market Days, you would experience the institutionalized group grope of which I speak.
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