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~Friday~  I walked up to the bus stop and onto the bus. Get out of my dreams, get into my car.

It was the 8:15 bus, and a chubby white guy was driving, but there was no air circulating and it was somewhere between bake and broil in that Jenn-Air oven. I checked out two women sitting near me, both with earbuds in, one working the local paper's crossword puzzle, and neither of them looked hot or uncomfortable. I started to wonder if I might be going through some sort of early menopause, stuck in some hot flash phase, or something.

Two men boarded at Gorman and Kaplan and they each wafted a very different trail as they passed me to take a seat further back. The first guy smelled like he'd just come out of a dryer after tumbling for at least two hours absorbing at least four "Mountain Fresh" fabric softener sheets. The second man smelled like he'd had a bowl for breakfast, and I don't mean Cheerios.

I mentioned the sync stop that's on Kaplan just before you get to Gorman, at which Wednesday's driver stopped and got off the bus to play on his phone while killing time there. That is the official sync stop. Today's driver, however, and he's done this before, turned left from Kaplan onto Gorman and then immediately pulled off to the right to stop for syncing. This makes no sense. On a one-lane road, just after an intersection with a traffic light, and down in a little dip in the road. Crazy.

Once we started back up, we passed Logorrhea walking, presumably to catch a Wolfline bus instead of ours. Thank you.

A lady boarded at the next stop, and she tried to open a window right after she sat down. "It's hot in here," she muttered. At the next stop, two men got on and as they walked down the aisle toward the back, one said, "It's hot on this bus," to which she echoed, "Yes it is," to which he retorted, "I think he got the heat on up in here," to which she replied waving her hand up near some imaginary vents, "I don't know if the heat be on, but they sho' ain't no A/C on up in here."

I wanted to jump up and say, "Can I get a gaymen on that brothahs and sistahs?!?" Let me cancel that hormone therapy appointment.

I had a lot to do at work today and didn't get nearly enough of it done. I'll be working some this weekend.

@jeffbullas on Twitter pointed to this blog entry in a tweet: 11 Reasons Why People Blog, so I thought I'd check it out to see how many of the eleven "speak to me."

  1. For business
  2. To write about a passion
  3. To share with others
  4. To make money
  5. To put forward new ideas
  6. To pass time
  7. For self-documentation
  8. To improve writing
  9. For self-expression
  10. Just because I like it
  11. For socialization
I had to smile when I saw #7. You might remember that in one of our salon meetings, each of us picked a three-word life summary phrase that represents us, and mine was, "Documents His Life."

I'd have to say that one, #7, along with #9, are my two main reasons. I haven't actually articulated it as "for self-expression," but I say, "Since I do technical writing for a living, which by its nature is dry, I use my blog as an outlet to do some creative writing," which essentially is the same thing as "for self-expression."

Actually, all but three of the reasons resonate with me to some extent. I mean I could go with "to write about a passion" if that passion is me. I recently read that writing is an exercise, in that the more you do it, the better you get at it, so #8 seems to speak to that. I'm not sure what the nuance is between items #3 and #11; those seem quite the same thing to me.

The three reasons that do not at all resonate with me and my blogging are: for business, to make money, and to pass time.

Two things on the topic of books today:

  1. It's my turn to choose a book for our next Mostly Social Book Club, and I've decided on one I heard about a long time ago now and have been wanting to read ever since:

  2. Brad—my ex-professor, fellow salon member, and dear friend—has published his latest book:

Being the sucker for a play on words that I am, I love these two things I saw today:

  1. From the Twitter feed of @FakeAPStylebook: "If you have a ladder first and then a farmer later, the ladder is the former and the farmer is the latter."

  2. From my friend Kevin (av8rdude): "If three witches were watching three watches, which witch would watch which watch?"
And this, from, is an absolute hoot:

I stayed in tonight.



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