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Glee Club with Jen, stocking up food at work, Facebook twins, & scareyoke...

~Sunday~  My alarm was set for 11:15. I woke up at 11:30. Good thing it wasn't a work day, as it turned out it was set for 11:15 PM. I hate it when that happens.

I attended "Glee Club" at Jen's house at 2:00, and we watched the first three episodes after the Sectionals episode: Hell-O, The Power of Madonna, Home.

I was pleased as punch (How gay!) to see Idina Menzel make an appearance in the Hell-O episode, in spite of Jen having to point out to me who she was.

I loved the transformation of Sue by Kurt and Mercedes in the The Power of Madonna episode.

I loved Kurt's rendition of A House is Not a Home in the Home episode. I loved Kurt's father in every moment he was on the screen.

I stopped into work, where I brought in soda and chips to have on hand for my lunches, to save me buying them in the vending machine at twice the cost.

While there, I completed the notes from last week's Student E-mail Initiative Implementation Team meeting, and made them available to the group.

From there, I went to nearby downtown, where I stopped in Flex for scareyoke. I had one drink and left when one of the drag queens (out of drag) was absolutely torturing us (I'm pretty sure he was singing it like that on purpose), wailing Come to My Window at a decibel count so high it hurt, and so badly that it drove the actual Lesbians in the room to go outside for a smoke.

My sister changed her Facebook profile picture to one of the two of us on a family cruise in Alaska in August of 2005. I changed mine to match it:

Two other of my favorite pictures from that trip include:

Before lights out, I confirmed with Kevin (@av8rdude) via a Twitter direct message that he had my house key with him, as his estimated arrival time was 3AM.
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