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Faux temps, hyperbolic sunshine, finding a church on the bus, & dealt 2 cards—a Queen & a 3...

~Thursday~  At the bus stop, the weather felt crisp and I wondered what the temperature was. A quick check of The Weather Channel app on my CrackBerry indicated 59°, which I just couldn't believe. "It can't be that cold out here." I checked wral.com's weather page, and it said 67°, which seemed much more plausible. Annoying that the app had it wrong.

In what might be slight hyperbole, the sun wreaked havoc in two ways this morning:

  1. Someone walked up to the bus stop with the sun behind them, and it was so blinding that I couldn't see if it even was man or woman, black or white, or acknowledging me or not, and

  2. A person turning left from Kaplan onto Kent must have had a dirty windshield, because she had to roll down her driver side window and stick her head outside to see if someone was coming in the opposite direction before she accelerated into her turn.

Sitting across from me, was our reading friend last seen on July 26 reading A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown, and before that on June 22 reading Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader, today reading Firestarter. She is about to earn herself a character name.

At Gorman and Burt, both Li'l Dino and Logorrhea boarded and Logorrhea spewed forth the following sound bites along the way:

  • I used to work at the Taco Bell. They need help all up in there.

  • Oh yeah. She a nurse now. She got a CNA, so she administerin' medicine now.

  • Where I work? Oh she got me cookin' burgers, potatoes, an' chicken. And if you come up in there this mornin', I be cooking eggs, bacon, and sausage.

In the ad space area on the 8:15 bus, where the "Man-up Revival" ad is (Hey, that's coming up this Sunday!), on this 7:45 bus, there's an ad for the Bible Way Temple in its place. I wondered how many times people respond to this question on a survey, "How did you find our church?" with, "On the city bus."

Within the span of about ten seconds four people sitting around me coughed a hacking cough, and I thought two things:

  1. "Consumption!"

  2. And noting my hand holding onto the bar on the seat back in front of me, "I must remember to wash my hands before I eat my breakfast sandwich at my desk when I get in."

After washing my hands and having my thin bagel with hard-boiled egg whites and melted cheese on it, I met our new intern in the lobby, who was there to sign some employment paperwork. When I got down there, Jen had already run into her, and she took her off to HR.

Our weekly 1.5-hour working staff meeting was canceled this afternoon, as none of us really had anything that all three of us would do better working on together, which is what those meetings are for.

My boss's retirement is quickly approaching. Her last day is Thursday, September 30th, and my officemate and I are heavy into the planning stages of that, which consumed a couple hours of my time today.

I met Alex and Glenn out at Flex at a little after 11:00 for Trailer Park Prize Night. In a rare appearance together on a Thursday night, Joe and Phil were there, too.

Mary K. Mart was the emcee, which is always a good time, and Stephanie Scott did two Cher songs, one being this one, which I love:

The other one was Believe, during which I had to keep my legs from taking off into a line dance we do to that song.
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