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The bus at oh-dark-hundred; humming in the mens room; tea leaves, Tarot cards, and fun, oh my!

~Friday~  I got to bed at 2:00AM, so the 5:45 AM alarm was too soon and not at all welcomed.

I think this might be the first time—in the almost two years now that I've been riding the bus to work—that it's been dark when I've walked to the bus stop. I caught the 6:15 city bus, and needless to say none of my "regulars" were aboard. I was absolutely astounded at the number of people that go on along the way, though.

In a record-breaking number of people boarding at one time, twelve people boarded at the Gorman/Conifer stop.

I got into my office at just a little after 6:30, and I spent the next hour-and-a-half reviewing the resumes and submissions of their work for four potential student interns that my colleague and friend, Jen, and I were interviewing this morning starting at 8:00 AM.

It was an interesting morning, and during that time, my boss forwarded me an interesting and timely article called, "Zero Defect Hiring." I loved their recommended way of checking references of potential hires. Just brilliant.

Some time during the day, I walked into the mens room at work, and after a few seconds I realized I was humming Lady Gaga's Alejandro in there. I started to laugh thinking this thought, which I later tweeted and posted as a Facebook status update. I loved my friend Rob's comment:

This evening I arrived 25 minutes late to the event that I showed up for seven days early last Friday. I pulled up just as Brad did, so I knew I was late.

We had a fun, fun, fun time, sharing a ton of laughs, with—in addition to Brad—Anna, Jen, Sarah, Sarah's husband Andrew and eventually her brother who Andrew had to go rescue from a flat tire, and her sister, who did our tea leaves reading.

My tea leaves reading was first, and thank goodness no tall, buxom blonds showed up in them at all. In fact it started with a reference to Michigan and Paul Bunyan, which I was totally open to, as I'm totally open to lumberjacks.

Oh, I wanted to capture the "process" of the reading, as it's something I've never seen before, and I thought it was interesting. So first, I had to actually drink some tea, with the leaves removed from the bag to sit at the bottom of the cup. I chose Green Tea from the plethora of choices, and when I was done, I had to turn the cup over onto the saucer, and put my "dominant" hand on the top.

I made a "wanking motion" to see with which arm it came naturally, and then put my left hand on the cup first, and topped it off with my right hand.

The final step before the reading began was to think about a goal. You're actually supposed to make a wish, but after divulging that I'm really a "doer" and not a "wisher," I was told to think about a goal.

Next on the agenda was a Tarot Card reading, which turned out to be very interesting as well. There were a few kings and jacks that came up, "...a lot of men in your life..." I liked learning that the reading isn't to predict the future or anything like that, but it's to "heighten your awareness of things in your life you might not pay attention to otherwise."

I met Joe at Flex at 10:00, and we walked over to The Borough for a couple of drinks, where Kevin joined us after a while. From there, we went to Legends, where it cost a ridiculous $7.00 to get in, and where they were having the first Friday amateur talent contest.

They had eight contestants, and a couple of them were just tragic. The winner ended up being a very dyke Lesbian who did a rendition of Eminem and Rihanna's new song Love the Way You Lie.
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