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Biceps bulging on the bus, a bus meteorologist, dinner@Two Guys & Trailer Park Trash...

~Thursday~  I caught the 7:15 Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus this morning, where a college hottie waited for it to arrive with me. Well, technically, he wasn't waiting with me. He had on a light blue/gray t-shirt that highlighted his erect nipples, and at one point he stretched raising his t-shirt up to expose the waistband of his light blue boxer shorts. Not that I was looking.

Later, on the bus, I took some stealth pictures of him, and by stealth I mean my camera phone was in my lap, and I wasn't looking at it to aim or anything. It took about five shots to get one that a) some body part of his wasn't out of the frame, and b) that wasn't too blurry.

Oh yeah. Nice biceps, too. If you go for that sort of thing. And I do.

At 1:00, my officemate and I met our boss's boss over at the Avent Ferry Technology Center where we scoped out potential space for an upcoming retirement party we're planning for my boss. Her last day will be Thursday, September 30, which is the day of the gathering. It's going to be interesting to see how things change once she's gone.

From 2:00-3:00, I attended a presentation on Wordpress given by my colleague and friend, Jen. I admire her presentation style so much; she's funny and comes across as totally comfortable in front of groups when she presents and teaches. She's quality people.

I took the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus home after that presentation, as I'd gone in early to leave early in order to pick up my friend Kevin (av8rdude) visiting from Seattle, and arriving at the airport at just before 5:00.

Let me give a little back story here: First of all, this week the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which for my non-local readers is about 200 miles to the east of us on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, had been under threat of Hurricane Earl, moving up the Atlantic.

And second of all, the university bus drivers don't ever talk with the students riding the bus. I mean they say, "You're welcome," when the kids say, "Thanks!" when exiting the bus, but they don't ever have conversations with the students or address them, except to—very rarely—say something like, "Y'all need to move back so more people can get on."

So, we were sitting at the intersection of Morrill Drive and Western Boulevard at a traffic light, where the bus was going to turn right to head over toward Greek Court. Said light turned green and the driver started accelerating and as he did, he shouted to everyone while pointing off to the right side of the bus, "Y'all see those clouds over there? That's from Hurricane Earl. It's slowly moving up to the North Carolina coast."

Okay, my first thought was, "Why are you talking to us?" quickly followed by, "Why are you reporting the weather to us on the bus, and weather that's 200 miles away from us, to boot? Why?" However, those thoughts were interrupted with a more pressing question, which by then was being screamed by half the bus, "Where are you going? You were supposed to turn right there!"

Being no good or easy way to turn around, he asked the kids talking into the rear view mirror, "So, those of you who are going to Greek Court, I could drop you off just up the street here, and then you could walk between those apartments there and over to Greek Court; it's not that far," to which a loud chorus shouted, "No!" And then they started screaming alternate ways to get there and what he could do to get back on track for the rest of the route. Ridamndiculous!

Kevin arrived on time, and after dropping his stuff off at my house, we headed over to Two Guys for dinner. We ordered a pitcher of Yuengling, and like my experience with Joe recently, it came in a Bud Lite pitcher and Guiness beer glasses.

We went to Trailer Park Prize Night, where I caught up with Alex, who felt compelled to introduce Kevin and me to the visiting drag queen, Lily White, from Atlanta. I stuck out my hand to shake hers, and she pushed it aside and said, "I'm a hugger." Thank god a perfume or lipstick transfer didn't result from said act.
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