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A mobile walk-in freezer, ebony & ivory & a dog on the bus, laughing with Anna & Sarah...

~Wednesday~  I got my butt up at 7:00 instead of 7:30 today, with the specific goal of catching the 7:45 bus instead of the 8:15 mobile toaster oven. It was another one of those days that wasn't that hot temperature-wise, but the humidity was so high that the back of my neck was wet with sweat and I felt a trickle go down my back just before the bus pulled up.

To my absolute delight, that heavy-set, black, male bus driver pulled up and I sauntered into the mobile walk-in freezer that was today's transport. I have to admit, I got a tad giddy when a lady sitting near me pulled her sweater closed to warm up, and a little kid got on with his arms crossed and his teeth chattering as he walked down the aisle.

At the Gorman / Conifer stop, a man with some serious corn rows—very artistically done, actually— took the seat in front of me, and the lady with a lot going on the other day boarded with just short of a lot going on today, which is to say that a phone to her ear was the only thing missing from her previous inventory of that, a child's hand in one hand, grocery bags in the other, and trying to swipe her fare card.

At the McKimmon stop this extremely heavy woman with a stroller with a baby in it boarded the bus. Holy moley. I thought two things when she finally got on and walked by me on her way to a seat:

  1. I hope she lives long enough to watch that baby grow up.

  2. I'm not quite sure of the last time, if ever, I've seen breasts that big.
I immediately thought of this recent GraphJam: 15 Things You Should Know About Breasts. Titillating (so-to-speak) Teaser: #3 The average female nipple is 3/8" long when erect. (Slightly taller than 5 stacked quarters.)

We had our weekly Student E-mail Implementation Team meeting from 1:00-2:15 today, at which I took notes. I wanted to clean them up and distribute them right afterwards, but that didn't happen.

The city bus ride home yielded a few noteworthy items:

  1. The two guys sitting in front of me smelled of one thing, and a guy who got on a couple of stops after me and took the seat across from me smelled like something else about which I tweeted:

  2. This quite unlikely couple:

  3. And an animal on the bus:

  4. Both that lady of the couple, and the boy holding the dog, had luggage on the bus with them, about which I tweeted:

Someone who follows me on Twitter suggested this possible explanation for suitcases on the bus, which definitely had not occurred to me:

I found my mop bucket—it had fallen off my deck down the side up against the fence. It had about three inches of water in it, but I didn't see any mosquitoes breeding in it. I mopped my floors before heading over to Mitch's at 7:30 for a SIGDOC networking event.

Among others there, it was good to see Susan K., Neal T., and of course, I had a blast most of the night with Anna and Sarah. In the midst of the fourth bourbon and Diet Coke, we got into somewhat of philosophical / rhetorical discussion about whether the allusion to "a Bushism" is pejorative or not. I seemed to be in the minority thinking that it is.

Another interesting aspect to the evening was learning the Neal, whom I knew did an internship at The Onion in a past life, also was in one of their articles of parody called, "Habitrail for Humanity Under Fire." He's the new homeowner investigating his dwelling.

At home, I checked in with Anna to let her know I'd arrived safely, and then I proceeded to dust. Yuck. I hate dusting. But it's done.
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