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Alarmless, cooking on the bus, a breakfast bowl, wanted time got clock, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  I woke up with a start and looked at my still silent alarm clock, which read 8:05. Huh? It was set to 7:30, but I evidently never turned it on.

Thank goodness I recently cut my hair, otherwise there is no way in hell I could have skipped the "shit, shower, and shave" before heading to the bus. When my hair is longer, there is no way I could skip the shower and washing my hair, as it would be sticking up in a million greasy directions.

I got to the bus stop at 8:19, and Stagnant Driver showed up with her mobile sauna at 8:22. The stop after mine is a "sync stop," where she's supposed to stop whether anyone's there or not, and wait until 8:25 to continue. I guess she forgot, because after she turned left onto Gorman, she just pulled the bus over to the side of the road—between stops, and where it's not really such a good idea, it being a one-lane road and right after an intersection—and she just sat there for two minutes. Ding. Let people sit in microwave for two minutes after cooking.

At the next stop, a student got on and showed her (NC State) Campus Card, which you can no longer do to get on free. You have to get one of those GoPass cards I talked about a couple of weeks ago. The girl didn't have any money with her, and the lady who'd gotten on in front of her handed her a dollar.

At the next stop, Pack Backer boarded, with Li'L Dino right behind her. Behind her a man got on and as he walked by me toward the back of the bus, and what wafted behind him made me imagine an officer interrogating him, "Sir? I believe you did have a bowl this morning for breakfast, but I seriously doubt it was of cereal."

Behind him boarded a hot Hispanic kid, who took the seat in front of me. Once he sat down, he rotated his ball cap from the visor in the back to it being in the front, where it belongs. That sounds a little judgmental. He had short, black hair sprouts coming out of his chin.

We had our weekly 1:00-2:15 Student E-mail Implementation Team meeting, for which I take the minutes.

I had an instant message conversation with a colleague later in the afternoon in which I just wanted to know if the acronym he used during the meeting earlier was "MIB." This is how the conversation went (click twice to enlarge):

Someone on Twitter pointed to this awesome graphic: The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names (click again to enlarge). Robert and I are always on the look out of repeating "sh" words in phrases, such as:

  • "ShoSheShez"

  • ...stars sure shine bright (a lyric from a country song)

  • Share our Shoes

  • SocialShield.com

We found one of these "sh" word phrases that makes up one of the rap names. It's up at the top, and follows this taxonomy: Physical or Metaphysical Attributes > Virtues > Filth. Can you identify it?

I had hoped to get to the gym tonight, but didn't, and so I went dancing, primarily to get some exercise, but also because it wasn't hot out and I thought it wouldn't be to bad down in the hole that is Flex.

It turned out to be fairly pleasant in there, there were a ton of dancers (three lines for some of the songs), and a crowd grew big enough for Carl (who has also returned from hiatus) taught a lesson—The Boot Scootin' Boogie."

It was a fun night, and I did get that exercise in, so that's good.
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