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Temporary Overnight Alice, high-spec Waffle fries, an auspicious package, grammar gaga, & kisses..

~Thursday~  Stagnant Driver drove up and I boarded her mobile jalapeño. Temporary Alice was on board again, and I wondered if she's switched to some kind of overnight shift somewhere. And if she has, I wonder if she's still a temporary employee. 'Cause if she's not, I should probably change her name to Overnight Alice.

At a subsequent stop, this lady got on, who although you can't tell from this picture,

had a lot going on as she boarded the bus:

  1. Phone being held to her ear with her left shoulder jammed up against it

  2. Grocery bags in her right hand

  3. The hand of her little child in her left hand

  4. All while somehow trying to reach in her purse to get her fare money.

At the next stop, Temporary Alice got off, and Li'l Dino took her place. Wow! Buscapade characters come and go so quickly around here.

Li'l Dino and I got off the bus at the same time, as we usually do, and as she said goodbye to cross the service road, I said to her, "The Atrium (food court, where she works) is open now, right?"

"Yes, but you can't get any Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries until January. You can get all their other food, just not the fries," she said.

"How odd," I thought, and you know I went right over there during lunch to see what it was all about and this big sign hung over the fries they were serving, which indeed were not Chick-Fil-A's Waffle Fries. [Hover over the sign for the text, if you can't read it, and care.]

Those must be some serious specifications, as they're obviously able to make some fries in the current area.

I had an afternoon meeting of the huge team of people across campus who do communications work. This is about the third such meeting like it, and it's the third one that I've left feeling pretty frustrated about.

And that's all I'm going to say about that, 'cause as my mama said, "If you don't have anything good to say... come sit next to me."

Jen dropped me off at home, and she had to run back to the office before heading to the gym. I futzed around my house, had a quick bite to eat and then I met Jen at the gym.

She was still there when I arrived, and she was on an elliptical machine next to a guy that was a totally missy. OMG. I just couldn't stop looking at him. As he did the machine, he swayed his shoulders forward and back, moved his head side to side, and mouthed the words with substantial lip movement to whatever his earbuds were delivering to his ears, which I'm guessing was provided by Cher, Bette, or Barbra.

When Jen was done, she came over to my machine, which was a ways from hers, and she said, "Did you see that guy on the machine next to me?"

"Gurl!" I said.

"He's gay, right?"

"Oh my god, yes," I said thinking, "He puts the light in light in your loafers."

Then she said what about made me fall off the elliptical machine, "But, did you see his package???"

Way too funny. I tried to see it as he walked across all of the windows that face out to the parking lot, but I never could get a good sense of it. Unfortunately, my glasses were in the car.

I did 60 minutes of cardio, burning off 950 calories, and I listened to the Returning to the Scene of the Crime podcast episode of This American Life.

My City of Raleigh Water & Sewer bill was in the mail today, and enclosed with it was their little newsletter. Why, why, why???

What exactly does begin purport to own?

I ventured out to Trailer Park Prize Night, where I had just two drinks, and left shortly after it started. I sent those two tweets while I was there:

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