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Relishing Library Man, Logorrhea's rejection, an evening nap, and a dangerous drink...

~Thursday~  She's out to get me. She did it again. Stagnant Driver arrived with the A/C on.

Library Man was on board this morning, and I purposefully took a seat behind him so I could see what he was reading. No hometown newspaper with color photos in it today, but instead a paper magazine called Relish, which I've never heard of, but which doesn't surprise me as it appeared to be all recipes.

He had it open to a page with an article that was entitled, "cook • cab' • u • lar • y," which seems to be some sort of regular column.

When the doors opened at Logorrhea's stop on Gorman, from the curb she said to the driver, "I forgot my card today. I can't get on free, can I?" I didn't hear the bus driver respond, but she closed the doors and moved on, which I took as, "That's a big no ma'am ticket."

We had our monthly staff meeting of all the people who report to my boss's boss. It actually ended about ten minutes early, which is just unheard of.

My boss was out today, so we didn't have our weekly 1.5-hour Staff Working Meeting from 2:00-3:30. Yay for that.

I took a little nap—okay it was for 2.5 hours—this evening and eventually made my way down to Trailer Park Prize Night.

When I first got there, I spent a little bit of time with Alex R. and Steve P., and then "took a twirl" ending up leaning on the rail in front of the mirror, where I talked a little with Michael and his nephew whose name escapes me. At one point I took a sip of my drink, which almost turned dangerous, and after which I tweeted:

A little later, this guy named Trey, who Joe and I met recently, went prancing across the room in one of those runway walks, which prompted this tweet from me:

which is pretty much synonymous with, "You need to man-up!"

Bob was there and we spent some time catching up on which films we saw at the film festival, and what we thought of them. Turns out he knew what a FUPA was even though he didn't see Violet Tendencies.

Jackie O'Knight's irreverent self was the emcee.
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