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Madonna declines, manning up, the Sybil of beer, and a short dancing hiatus...

~Wednesday~  Stagnant Driver dragged her 8:15 bus up to my stop at 8:25. Watch. Now that I've named her, she'll have the A/C on all the time.

I haven't mentioned that I've seen Madonna—of Madonna-and-Genetically-Beautiful-Daughter buscapade character name fame—a couple of times over the past week or two. Only one time was she with said daughter, and today she wasn't again.

She's the one that in addition to noting her adorable daughter, I'd also noted back when I was talking about her more that she'd been carrying a notebook with her that said, "Genetics" on it, so I'd assumed she was a student and/or had a student job on campus. I haven't seen her with any notebooks lately, she's wearing her hair loose these days (it almost always used to be tied up or back in some way), she also appears to be wearing less makeup, and it seems to me that she's gained a few pounds. Wonder what's going on with her.

The lady behind whom I took a seat was working on the News & Observer crossword puzzle. I refrained from leaning any further over the seat once identifying it, so as not to be tempted to blurt out any of the answers I might know. She had in earbuds, and wore a white ball cap with her hair pulled through that opening in the back. This is not her, as she was 1) black, 2) had short hair, and 3) looked pretty "outdoorsy," but this is what I'm trying to describe about the hair and the hat:

I looked in the ad area of the bus, where I noted that the "Man-up" flier was still posted. It's kind of funny, because I'd never heard that expression until I first read it on the bus several weeks ago now, but I did hear it some time over the last week or so—it may have been at one of the films in the film festival.

In any case, it was definitely in a gay context that I heard it, when someone said about someone who was either "crying like a girl"... (And yes, I know how sexist that phrase is. That's why it's in quotation marks. But I digress...) And by the way, did you notice that it's, "That's why it's in quotation marks," and not "That's why it's in quotes," like a lot of people would say, because the quote is what's inside the quotation marks. But I digress within my digression... Let's see, where was I?

So, I heard that slang used toward a gay guy who was either "crying like a girl" or was acting effeminate, and someone said to him, "You need to man-up!" I'm guessing that for this church group meeting, it's not that kind of "man-up," though. It probably has to do with respecting your woman, with a gentle reminder that real men can indeed love Jesus, too.

Two things on the bus related to school being back in session: Li'l Dino (who also works for University Dining, but in a different dining area than Logorrhea) boarded at her usual stop, and her (adult) daughter was with her. I chuckled a little bit when I saw her as the last time she was on the bus with her mother, Logorrhea sat next to them, and the daughter was calling Logorrhea out on shit she was saying, and when Logorrhea got off the bus, she just started rolling. "She's a piece of work," she'd said to her mother and the bus-at-large. Tell it sistah.

Tickets for the next production of The Monti went on sale at 10:00 today. I pressed the "Buy tickets" button right at 10:00 and when the purchase screen came up, it had September 19, 2010 as the date of the show, which isn't correct. I went ahead and bought the tickets, because they were the only tickets available for any kind of The Monti show, and they sell out so fast that I didn't want to take a chance of not getting tickets.

Long story short, I ended up buying a second pair of tickets, in case the first ones ended up not being valid. My plan was to call the box office to cancel the first set, but I ended up just keeping all four. I also confirmed that the date was accidentally wrong at the beginning, but was assured that my tickets would be valid. I'm quite sure I can sell the other two tickets.

If you're not familiar with The Monti, it's live storytelling around a theme, and it's worth checking out. Robert and I have been to several now, and without exception, the majority of stories each time have been thoroughly enjoyable. One of the storytellers last time was Elizabeth Edwards.

The theme of the September 11th one is "Turning Point," and they have five people slated to tell stories this time. One of them is:

The other storytellers this time are: George Singleton, David Gessner, Belle Boggs, and Janet Babin.

I took the minutes for our weekly Student E-mail Initiative Meeting. As usual, we had a full agenda, and it ran over by about ten minutes.

I also finished my items for August's edition of our OIT News publication. This month's issue was particularly tedious.

Joe and I had dinner at Two Guys with a recent Groupon that I purchased. That is, we had $22 worth of food for $10. We shared a pitcher of Yuengling, about which I tweeted:

From there, we made a stop at The Borough, where we had a few drinks, and then sauntered over to Flex, where my dancing hiatus had been in full swing for a whole hour-and-a-half. To my surprise, Carl, the other dancer on hiatus, was also there. Bless our collective messes.

It was actually kind of festive there, for as late as it was, and Joe and I introduced ourselves to Rodney, who had nice teeth, and then to John and RJ, I think it was. Some initials.

I actually did a couple of line dances—Hideaway Cha, Annie's Cha-Cha, and Backstreet Attitude. I also danced a couple of two-steps with Michael. He just cracks me up when he says—which he did during our first dance—throwing his head back with a joyful tilt, "I always feel soooo pretty when I'm dancing with you."

I'm sure any straight guys (except maybe Nick) watching us partner dance together and hearing Michael say how pretty it makes him feel would have retorted, "You two need to man-up!"
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