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Liking a new candy bar, a dead battery, BEARCITY, scareyoke, and drag...

~Sunday~  A couple of weeks ago, I thought I was buying a bag of 3 Musketeers mini-bars, but they turned out to be Baby Ruths, of which I'm not all that fond. Thinking back, I can't believe I didn't even turn the bag over. I grabbed the bag, which was face-down, just assuming they were 3 Musketeers bars.

However, a couple of weeks later, and into about three-fourths of the bag, I'm not so down on Baby Ruths any more. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Great. Just what I need. Another candy bar to like.

I finally got my ass in gear to go to the gym at about 2:00 in the afternoon, and sitting in my car I turned the key to: crickets. Not even a gratuitous: click. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I called Joe, who was just leaving the gym, and he came directly over to try and jump my battery with his. It didn't work, so I called AAA and they were able to jump it when they got here, but the battery was pretty shot, and I ended up just replacing it on the spot. The battery I got has a 6-year warranty on it, and if it goes dead within the first three years, even if it's because I left my lights on, they'll replace it no questions asked.

That taken care of, I rushed off to the gym, where I got in a 40-minute cardio workout on the elliptical machine for a 770-calorie burn, during which I listened to music.

I met Robert at the Carolina Theater, with two bags (of 3 each) of mini Baby Ruth bars, and a snack-sized baggie of 8 pieces of strawberry licorice each broken in half. I forgot that Robert doesn't care for red licorice.

We saw the movie BEARCITY, about which I had some angst from its synopsis included in the film's write-up on the NCGLFF website. However, although I wasn't at all engaged by the young lead guy, it turned out to be a very enjoyable, and funny, movie overall.

I did leave the theater with just a little regurgitation in the back of my throat due to the totally saccharine, contrived, Hollywood ending. I mean, really. No one left unhappy in the end? No one? Unrealistic.

Once back in Raleigh, I stopped by Flex for Scareyoke, where brianrdu and I hung out for most of the night.

At some point, we headed over to Legends for the 12:00 show, which starred Mark K Mart, Dana St. James (info about whom Brian shared that seared an image into my brain), Kirby Kolby, and some outta town drag queen whose name I can't remember and am not interested enough in trying to find out with a visit to Legends' website or a Google search.

I was never a big Elvis fan, but I love this song, and he's quite handsome performing it in this video:

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