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Elmo's Diner for breakfast, 7 NCGLFF short films, and ignored body language...

~Saturday~  I got up at about 9:15, and after a quick cup of coffee and a short instant message conversation with Robert, I'd SSSed, and was off to Durham.

In case it was crowded, Robert headed over to Elmo's Diner while I was on my way. I checked in by phone as I got within a few exits of the diner, and after the hostess consulted the manager, Robert was allowed to be seated in spite of his "entire party not yet being there."

To further ingratiate ourselves to them, I gave Robert my order over the phone, and he went ahead and ordered for us before I even arrived. Robert had their French Toast special, and I had a sausage and cheddar cheese omelet. It was all good.

In the lobby of the Carolina Theater, we ran into Chief Muckety-Muck Chuck, and I asked him which scene from Eyes Wide Open was "the most stunning scene ever filmed" that he alluded to on Thursday evening. It was one of two Robert had narrowed it down to.

We saw this set of short films at its 11:45 screening, all of which I enjoyed, some more than others, of course.

If I had to put them in order, I'd probably settle on:

  1. Gayby
  2. Who Would You
  3. He She We
  4. It's in the Genes
  5. 306
  6. Triple Standard
  7. Communication

None of them were bad, though. Gayby was first from a purely comical and entertaining perspective.

I'd give Who Would You the award for the biggest laugh for the shortest amount of film. In a way, it reminded me of this recent 18-second find, which is not at all gay, but just a big laugh for a small investment in time:

From a purely shallow perspective, I thought the men in He She We were the hottest:

with the next hottest being the men in Triple Standard. Two other things I thought about Triple Standard: 1) How absolutely emotionally explosive locker rooms can potentially be for closeted gay men, and 2) My MSM comment in one of the themes I listed for Undertow in Thursday's entry. One of the lead characters, not unlike Miguel in Undertow, is another character who exemplifies the reason the term was devised. Crim assures himself a handful of times, "I am not a fag," even as he's having sex with his boyfriend of three years."

The thing that was cool about 306 was that the producer sat right next to us, and he's actually someone I know. I remember learning many years ago now that he was going to film school. And here he is, some years later, with an entry in the second largest Gay & Lesbian film festival in the south, and one of the top ten in the nation. Cool.

I had a lazy afternoon, as well as a lazy early evening. At 10:30, I headed out to Flex where it was 80s music night. I swear I slept through the 80s. Every time I go to an 80s music event, I don't recognize at least 75% of the songs. Tonight was no exception. The 70s, however, is a totally different story. I disco danced my way through the 70s, more specifically the second half of the 70s.

Also going on tonight at the hole was a Jello shot fundraising night for some softball team that I assumed was gay, except that there were a bunch of women selling the shots. Maybe it's a Lesbian softball team. Lesbian softball players? Let me alert the media. Hell, I don't know. If it was a Lesbian team, the players they had there tonight were lipstick Lesbians for sure.

I pretty much wanted to be left alone at the bar tonight, which I guess isn't the best place to go if you do. However, really, I know a few people who could seriously use some intense education on how to read body language. Just sayin'....
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