DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Meeting with Alan, and thoughts of a Mercedes!

The TIGRs met with Jennifer K. to review the proposed ISO Recovery Plan. Rich joined late in the call, and at least twice was asked questions that he hadn't heard. I think he would have been better off not joining the call than for it to be obvious two times that he wasn't paying attention any way. Oh well. Not sure I'll pass that feedback on; perhaps, I'll wait to see if this becomes a trend as we attend more meetings together.

I ran to Nathan's office for a 1:00 meeting to sign a change to my life insurance policy due to an American Express change allowing policy holders to reduce coverage, since the return on investment in the program is much less than originally intended. I plan to surrender that policy as soon as the surrender value is reasonable. I hate insurance. I also changed the beneficiary on the policy to 50% to Rob and 50% to Robert.

We had a good meeting with Alan from 3-4 on the nonconformance responses to audit AR-0177. Rich seemed pleased with the meeting, which is good for me. I was pleased with my contribution. I left work at about 5:40, feeling very good about work.

I checked in with Steve, and he still isn't feeling well, and won't be going out tonight. He asked me about attending the TGMC performance at Pullen tomorrow night, and I think I'll go with him. We're going to check in again tomorrow.

I checked in with Joe, and we agreed to meet at 10:00 tomorrow, so that we could go out tonight, and not be concerned about an early meeting time.

I took a nap from 8-10. When I turned my phone back on, I had a message from Robert. I told him I was meeting Joe out, later, at CC's and asked him if he wanted to join us, which he did.

I got to CC's near about 11, and there were a lot of folks there I knew: Shawn, Josh, , Frank, John Wayne, John & Andy, Randy & Todd. Robert arrived after a short while, and his friend Tom L. was there. I told him I'd probably see him at the performance tomorrow at Pullen.

We walked over to CCs at about 11:40. It was pretty dead when we got in there. Turns out the show didn't start until 12:30 instead of 12, but it actually ended up starting at about 12:15. Joe arrived after a bit.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jasmine Adams, and gave her $15 in tips.

Robert left after a while, saying he was heading back over to CCs. Joe and I left shortly after that to go back to CCs. Robert wasn't there, and it was pretty dead. After a drink, we went over to Legends!

That place was jamming, with a big drag competition going on. Josh, Shawn, and Frank were still there. After a while, I saw Andre there as well. As soon as the drag show was over that place cleared out, as did we.

When I got to my car there was a note stuck in my window. It was a "check" written out from Robert... SO SWEET. When I pulled into my spot at home, his car was in the other spot. What a nice surprise!


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