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Country gospel, the guts to kill him when he asked, back to the gym, a GLEEful day & Kurt's dad...

~Sunday~  I'd set my alarm for 11:00, but was up at 9. I made a most delicious turkey sausage and cheddar cheese omelet for breakfast, which I enjoyed with some whole wheat toast and coffee.

In what's as close to a Sunday morning ritual that I've been able to keep, I listened to a country gospel CD—which is about as close to church as it's going to get for me—and I read this week's PostSecrets while I finished up my coffee. Delicious Sunday mornings.

I forced myself back to the gym this afternoon, where I'd intended to do 60 minutes on the treadmill, but ended up doing 30 minutes on the elliptical machine instead—for a 556-calorie burn. I listened to my two newly-purchased Lady Gaga songs—Bad Romance and Alejandro—among other songs, during my workout.

When I first got there, I checked to make sure the change to my membership billing that I did over the phone last week was accurately reflected in my record. It was not. Annoying.

A few minutes after I started, a guy got on the machine to my right, and for a second I thought it was an old IBM colleague of mine. And then it occurred to me that it couldn't possibly be him—remembering, "Oh yeah, he committed suicide."

I arrived at Jen's house right at 5:00 for our third "Glee Club" meeting. We watched the Throwdown, Mash-Up, and Wheels episodes, and once again, I was tore up over a scene between Kurt and his father, around Kurt's audition for the female lead part in the glee club's performance of Wicked's Defying Gravity. Gay men and their fathers.

There's nothing sexier than a straight man
tearing up.

I spent the rest of the evening at Cup A Joe Mission Valley, making online Scrabble moves in my three ongoing games as it became my turn in each, and writing yesterday's and this blog entry.
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