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Installation Guide "Closeout" and a play...

I had my first bi-weekly ISO status meeting with Rich, which went well and didn't last the entire half hour. I think I'm going to like working directly for him. I have to give him "positive feedback" on his "management style." I particularly appreciated the way he told me he wasn't going to get to something he wanted me to have to him until the end of the day, helping me to prioritize the work item accordingly.

I ran to Sam's during lunch to buy some cookies for this afternoon's work session, and turnover to Jim, of the installation guides. I ended up buying a dozen oatmeal and raisin cookies, a dozen white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and a $151 "bed-in-a-bag" set, which included matching curtains! I hope they work out. I'm not sure if the curtains are wide enough to cover the double windows in my bedroom. I hope so.

I left work at about 6:40, stopped by home, and then headed out to Thompson Theater on NCSU to see Agatha Christie's "Hollow," which Gregor is in. I really enjoyed the play, and called Gregor's home number during one of the intermissions to say hi and to tell him I knew he wouldn't be home because I'm sitting in the theater watching him. I also told him whom, at that time, I thought was the murderer. I had narrowed it down to two folks, neither of whom, as it turned out, were the guilty party.

I ran into Wil there, and he had hair! Beautiful dark black hair, and sexy sideburns. He had a little patch of hair on his chin, which to me, didn't work. But he's a cutie nonetheless.

Before the play started, an older man, probably in his mid-60's was not watching where he was walking as he was talking to someone in the front row and he fell off the platform! It was over a foot down. He twisted sideways and fell on his side. The whole place did a collective gasp, got quiet, and waited to see if he was alright. He stood up, faced, the crowd, bowed, and said, "I just dropped in for the 2nd act." Laughter of relief all the way around.

I checked in with Joe during the first intermission and we agreed about not participating in the overnight training rides to, and from, Lake Gaston this weekend. We decided to, instead, on Saturday, do the 65-mile Durham Dairyland Run that we missed a couple of weeks ago due to the rain. I look forward to that.

During the next intermission, I had a message from Steve. I called him back. He's still not feeling well. We agreed to check in again tomorrow.

I was going to wait to speak with Gregor after the play, but it didn't end until about 10:50, and I had no idea how much longer it would be before he'd come out from the back, so I left.

On the way out to my car, an older couple (actually, I'd have to say that the average age of the audience members for this play was probably around 58!) was walking out in front of me. At one point, the man turned around and said, "So just from a technology standpoint, what were you doing with your phone in there during the intermission? Were you on the Internet?"

I told him that I was just checking my voicemail, that I could connect to the Internet on my phone, but that I didn't have that service."

I think it's cool when "older" people are interested in technology.

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