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A last-minute substitution, parents dealing, outsourced generic granola bars, and a "bushy" pit...

~Thursday~  It was fortuitous that I just happened to have my phone in my hand walking down to my kitchen at about 7:50 this morning, as it started vibrating, and I otherwise probably wouldn't have noticed that I had call until about 8:15, which would have been too late.

It was my friend and colleague, Jen, calling to ask me if I could fill in for her—as she wasn't feeling well—as the back-up person for Twanda's presentation of our IT information at New Student Orientation this morning. I was happy to do it.

I rushed to catch the Wofline bus, as the city bus doesn't have a stop that would get me to the building in which orientation takes place, but as I pulled up to park near the bus stop, it zipped by. I went ahead and used one of my scratch-off "free parking" passes, as I have several left from last year yet, and the new ones for the upcoming school year (Fall 2010 - Spring 2011) have already arrived.

I was going to just hang out in the Witherspoon building, as I was the back-up person again at 11:15, this time for my friend and colleague, Sarah, who was doing the parent orientation. However, when I found a place to sit and use my laptop, I discovered that I didn't have my power cord with me again. That shit's getting old.

I caught a Wolfline bus back to my building, where I had a 10:00-10:30 meeting anyway that I would have had to have rescheduled if I'd stayed over at Witherspoon, so it all worked out. My meeting was with our temp, Greg, for a quick review of a Web site he's working on.

"Ten minutes. That's my kind of meeting!" he said when we'd finished. I agreed wholeheartedly.

I walked back over to Witherspoon with Sarah, where after her presentation, we each took a question. The parent asking me a question was one of those "let me triple-check that" type people asking questions "to make sure her student knew how" to do something, when it was obvious she wanted to know. I mean no student is not not going to know how to access their e-mail.

The parent talking to Sarah really didn't have anything pressing he needed to know, he pretty much just wanted to share stories of his kids growing up and going away to college. Sometimes that's what the parent sessions are about, more than the actual topic being presented. And that's important, too.

We got a card for a free lunch a Fountain Dining Hall, which expires on Saturday, and since I have lunch plans tomorrow, I went directly to the dining hall and ate free before heading back to the office.

We had our weekly 1.5-hour working staff meeting, about which the food was most interesting. Jude brought figs from her back yard. I brought little snack packs of pretzel sticks with cheddar cheese to dip them in. And most interesting, Rhonda and I both brought generic honey and oats granola bars, mine from Food Lion and hers from Harris Teeter, and they were both packaged in exactly the same way. They must outsource their generic granola bars to the same company.

I met Alex and Bill at Flex at about 11:15 for Trailer Park Prize Night. The spirit evidently moved a guy to take off his shirt and dance up on the stage almost the whole hour until the show started. Both his dancing and his exposed torso couldn't be described as anything but average, but somewhere in his mind he saw himself as show quality, I guess.

He did have nice pits, I'll give him that. Although, they weren't as klassy as this, which I guess you get the best effect from by cocking (so to speak) your head to the right.
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