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90% humidity, wife-beaters day, lunch w/Susan, and sabbaticals at dancing...

~Wednesday~  I couldn't understand why—at 76°—I was beginning to sweat at the bus stop. A quick check of The Weather Channel app and it all became clear. Humidity: 90%.

Evidently, I didn't get the memo that it was Black-muscular-men-in-wife-beaters Day along Gorman Street today.

I met my, then grad school professor and now friend, Susan for lunch at Sadlack's. We both learned that sliced apples are an option with the sandwiches, as opposed to chips, fries, or sweet potato fries. And we both opted for them. I had my usual—the Skillinator X, hold the mustard, add mayo.

SKILLINATOR X: Hot or cold, smoked turkey, banana peppers and Swiss cheese, with lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, oil, salt and pepper, served on toasted rye bread 4.25

As usual with Susan and me, continuous and good conversation ensued.

Our weekly Student E-mail meeting from 1:00-2:15 was uneventful, and I took notes as usual. Well, perhaps that's not exactly true. Two things could be called "eventful" about it, the first being that the meeting actually finished on time, and the second being that I edited and completed the notes right after the meeting instead of waiting until right before the next meeting to do them. Glad to have them done.

I was going to say that dancing was uneventful tonight, but in fact it wasn't. Wasn't uneventful, that is. Factoring in the double negative, that means it was eventful.

The crowd was nonexistent, and we had just an okay number of dancers, among which wasn't Carl. When I asked Bill where Carl was, his response was, "Carl's taking a little sabbatical from dancing for a while."

"What about teaching?" I asked thinking about the ads for Wednesday nights that say, "Lessons at 9:30."

"I guess if they can get someone else to teach them, then we'll have them," was his response.

Don't know what that's all about, and I didn't ask. Perhaps we'll all be taking a little sabbatical from dancing in a little bit.
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