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Brunch at Donna and Rob's, an uneventful return to Raleigh, and some Scareyoke...

~Sunday~  I woke up at 10:00 and called the front desk to request a late checkout of noon instead of 11:00. No problem.

I rode out to Donna and Rob's for brunch, where the Gregory's still were, anticipating their 3:00-3:30 departure to the airport for a 4:45 flight. Russ, Pam, and Jan went for a walk in the unbelievable heat, and while they were gone me, Donna, mom, and dad went ahead and ate so there'd be room for them at the table to eat when they got back. That's our story and it's sticking to us.

Albeit it all leftovers from yesterday, it was all delicious. I didn't eat any dessert afterwards, as I had had a slice of Aunt Jean's pound cake with a cup of coffee when I'd first arrived.

I'd brought my iTouch with me, and I asked Donna to listen to For Good with me from Wicked so that she'd know what I had signed in Vince's online obituary was alluding to. We held pinkies for about a minute during one part of the song and I cried just a little bit. After it was over, she noted, "That song could be about me and you as well, you know." I did.

I was going to stick around until 3:00 or 3:30 to help shuttle the Gregory's to the airport, but Donna assured me that between her, Rob, and Ed they could get them there in one trip, so I left at about 1:30 to get back to Raleigh a little earlier.

I had an uneventful ride back, and napped for a couple of hours after I got home.

Later, I met Joe at 9:30 down at Flex for Scareyoke.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, family, friends, obituaries, travel

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