DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Choices and dancing...

I had to choose between the EAGLE monthly month gathering and our weekly MSBC meeting. I went to book club. Janet showed up pretty late, and made an annoying comment, "Just take care of it. You're the one with all the money."

I left work at about 4:00, and went to Goodman Toyota to get my radio/CD/tape player reset. What a hassle finding "Goodman Toyota." I went up and down Capital Blvd. 3 times looking for 3100 Capital Blvd. Turns out it was at the "Leith Toyota" place up at 4800 Capital Blvd. The guy there had trouble resetting it, but finally got it. Ah, music again!

I considered dropping by Wake Med to visit Michelle, but ended up not. I wasn't sure if she'd still be in ICU, and I didn't want to visit her there.

Robert and I left for dancing before Courtney arrived home from work. We had hot dogs, KFC slaw, and potato chips for dinner before we left.

Van had CDs for a lot of us -- songs that we dance to! I gave him 10 bucks for making one (each) for me and Robert. There were two birthday cakes there for Adam's 21st birthday (which is actually tomorrow) -- one from the bar, and one that Van brought. We ended up cutting the cake at just after 11:30. I cut Van's cake. It was quite messy, I really didn't feel like doing it, but wanted to for Adam's (and Van's) sake. They both appreciated it. We gave out a piece of cake to everyone who was still in the bar who wanted a piece, and we still never even touched the cake that the bar provided. I really think they should have cut them earlier, when there were a lot more people there, but they wanted to wait until closer to midnight as his birthday really isn't until tomorrow. Oh well.

Courtney was in bed when we got home.

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