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A mixed-up meeting, a lunch meeting, two more meetings, a workout, & knockin' on doorbells...

~Thursday~  I caught the 8:15 city bus in, but only took it half the distance I usually take it, as I had a meeting in another building at 9:00—or so I thought. I got off the bus at the Gorman/Sullivan Streets intersection and walked the short way down the street to the Admin II building.

Once inside, I discovered that I had no power cord with me for my laptop, which these days can run only about five minutes without it. Frantic about not having it to takes notes, nor any paper with me on which to hand write notes, 9:00 approached with not another one of the meeting participants in sight.

At 9:00, I accessed my work e-mail via my BlackBerry to find out that meeting was actually at 10:00, not 9:00, so I caught the campus bus over to my building, grabbed my power cord and got back to the meeting with enough time before 10:00 to sit in a little break room there and do a little work.

Although I was a substitute (for BJ) for a replacement (of Jude) for this particular (Campus Environmental Sustainability Team Outreach Workgroup) meeting, I was surprisingly able to contribute a little bit. At five minutes until the end of the meeting, the facilitator said, "Okay we're going to break up into teams of four and take ten minutes to brainstorm about outreach strategies. So much for calendar integrity.

I was the scribe for the brainstorming results, and in what turned out to be the first of two times today someone said, "You have beautiful handwriting," when they saw me writing our answers on the poster paper.

I had lunch with Kaitlin at Subway, during which we discussed her progress to-date.

Rhonda, Jude, and I shortened our weekly 1.5-hour working team meeting to 30 minutes, during which I pitched the idea of changing our OIT calendar to use the University calendar as a base, from which we can publish an "OIT edition," resulting in a reduction in work per calendar entry.

From 3:30-4:30, Jen and I met with Kaitlin, and during the meeting, Jen saw me writing something down on a pad and she said, "You have beautiful handwriting."

Jen gave me a ride home, and I hopped inside, changed clothes and then met her at the gym. I did an hour of cardio, on different elliptical machine than I normally do, as I took one beside the one she was on. It registered a 675-calorie burn. The only thing I like better about this machine is that it prompts me to enter my age, so I get credit for being old while working out. Overall, though, it's not as strenuous a workout as I get on the machine I usually use.

I met Joe out at Trailer Park Prize Night, where it was Mark K Mart's birthday, as well as the Miss Bolinwood Pageant, which I've never understood. Cecil was in drag, which I've only ever seen in a photo, so that was a treat. She went through at least three wigs—from blond to brunette to tragic—all in the course of a couple of hours.

Bob and Joe T. were also out and at one point Bob told me the funniest thing he had overheard leaving work one day recently. Two ladies were walking out next to him, and one of them said something to the effect of, "Girl, I'm so tired. I'm going home and I'm gonna sit up in my recliner with me feet up and pray that nobody don't knock on my doorbell." I think that's just hysterical.
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