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~Tuesday~  I woke up with a little bit of a start this morning, as my alarm hadn't gone off, but it was light out, felt late, and the numbers on my clock were blinking indicating a power outage had occurred at some point during the night.

I had company at the bus stop this morning, and I'm guessing she wondered why I waited across the street from the stop. I wanted to yell, "You don't have cooties or anything, it's just shady and cooler over here." Actually, that's just a fantasy—the part about her wondering about me—she was totally into her gadget:

The temperature on the bus was perfect to me, which to some meant, "Time for a coat":

I've mentioned this lady in the past, not often, and nothing derogatory. I remember mentioning that she had a bag that said St. Timothy's School on its side, which she had today, although it's hard to read that in the picture.

We had our weekly department meeting this morning from 9:00-10:00, about which I'm only going to say that probably the thing I have the least respect for in a work colleague is moodiness. Reacting differently to the same thing one time and completely differently another time just makes me want to keep my distance all the time, as opposed to playing Russian roulette.

I got so totally into formatting some charts out of some Excel data that before I knew it, Robert pinged me and asked if I was going to see Alice In Wonderland. Ah, the beauty of keeping an online calendar and making it available to people in your life.

Since I was still at work, and the movie was playing at the campus cinema, which incidentally is the very same place I've been going to for all of the New Student Orientation IT presentations I've been talking about, and is within walking distance of my office, I scooted on over there. Thanks, Robert!

I have to say that if this movie weren't free, and convenient, there's no doubt I wouldn't have seen it. I'm not a big fan of animation—in fact I'm not at all a fan of animation. However, Tim Burton's reputation is renown, and the book by the same name is studied in literature courses both in high school and in college. So for all those reasons, I thought I'd give it a chance.

Overall, surprisingly, I found it entertaining. Not great, and it would have been no big deal had I never seen it. I, of course, recognized Johnny Depp right away, but for the "White Princess," I started off thinking she was Sandra Bullock, but then said, "No, that's actually Sela Ward." Turns out it was Anne Hathaway.

For the Queen of Hearts ("Off with his head!") at first I thought she was Madonna, but then I settled on Cyndi Lauper. Turned out she was neither, and whomever she was, I'd never heard of her.

During the free movie, I enjoyed a large bag of popcorn and a 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke for $3.75. You can't beat that.

I caught the 9:15 city bus home and while I waited a couple came by with the cutest white dog, actually walking them, yanking desperately on the leash to come up and say hi to me.

A young, shirtless student came jogging by me, and he had a contraption on his head that held and blinked a red light in the middle of the back of his head, and it held a bright, narrow-beamed headlight that emanated from the middle of his forehead. He looked more like a bike than a person.

The bus was surprisingly crowded for the hour, and among the many people, there were two interracial couples sitting across from each other. The one on my side was a hetero couple and the one across from them was a Lesbian couple. All kinds of diversity up in there.



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Jul. 22nd, 2010 04:50 pm (UTC)
Queen of Hearts
I can't believe you've never heard of Helena Bonham Carter!
OK, I know you don't "watch" TV (on TV at least) But you DO go to movies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helena_Bonham_Carter
Her movies include A Room with a view, Lady Jane, Maurice, Howard's End, Fight Club, Big Fish, 4 Harry Potter movies, Sweeney Todd, just to name a few. She even made a guest appearance on TV on "Absolutely Fabulous". (if you tell me you've never seen an episode of that I'm coming to take your gay card away!) An interesting side point, she's been shacked up with Tim Burton for years plus kids with him which may explain the number of his films she has been in the last decade. (who do you have to sleep with to get a job around here?)
Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:04 am (UTC)
Re: Queen of Hearts

Let's see, okay, nope. Haven't seen any of those movies. At least they're not on my list of movies that I've seen since 2003 list.

I know what Ab Fab is and I've seen clips of it, probably on YouTube, but I've never sat down and watched a full episode. Is that the one with Florence Bouquet or someone like that on it, or I could easily be mixing it up with another Brit show that I think is called Are You Being Served, about which I've had the same exposure to?

Also, had NO idea she was involved with Tim Burton. In fact, I've never even seen Tim Burton so wouldn't recognize him either. :-)

Thanks for reading and commenting, Phil!

Edited at 2010-07-23 12:04 am (UTC)
Jul. 23rd, 2010 03:49 am (UTC)
Re: Queen of Hearts
HA! So you must have see the half of Big Fish that Helena wasn't in. I would think it would have been worth staying just to see Ewan McGregor. And you are totally confused on your Brit sitcoms. Bouquet/Bucket=Keeping up Appearances. AbFab is completely different. I think Helena is gorgeous and Tim is.....talented. Phil
Jul. 23rd, 2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Queen of Hearts

You make me laugh, Phil. I so appreciate your continued reading and engagement in my blog! Have a good weekend. I'll be in Charlotte this weekend for my x-B-I-L's memorial service. Perhaps see you Sunday night.
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