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NCSU NSO redux, Google Apps @ NC State, a tacky gym encounter, & dinner & coffee out...

~Friday~  In a repeat performance of Wednesday, Jen picked me up to ride into work together, as I was once again her back-up presenter / assistant at this morning's Information Technology presentation to the students at New Student Orientation (NSO).

And once again, we stopped in the office before walking over to the Cinema in the Witherspoon Building for the presentation at just before 9:00. Jen used the remote to advance the slides, so all I had to do was laugh at her jokes.

When it was over, we walked back to the Hillsborough Building in the scorching heat, and about an hour later, I made the trek back with David Ladrie for the IT presentation to parents at New Student Orientation. With about three slides remaining, I accidentally hit something on the keyboard that disabled it, precluding me from advancing to the next slide.

Fortunately, I thought to try the mouse, and though not ideal (because the audience can see it), I was able to right click to bring up a menu that included an option to advance to the next slide, so I did that for the remaining four or five slides. When it was over, I figured out that I'd accidentally hit the NumLock key, although I'm not sure how as it's not even along the edge of the keyboard or anything.

David and I each fielded questions from several parents who came up after the presentation to ask about something they'd either missed or that we hadn't covered. I like helping people like that, which is the main reason I volunteer to help represent our organization at the NSOs every year. Well, I say that like it's a long tradition, but this is only second year in this job, so it's the second time in as many years, or every year that I've been there.

Our student e-mail transition to Google is winding down, at least for the big chunk of students—~26,000— that we started on July 8th. We've now moved over 35,000 student accounts from our old "Unity/Webmail" system to Google Apps @ NC State, as ~8,000 opted in before we did the forced migration of the remaining ~26,000. This has been a long, long project, and it feels good to be coming down the home stretch on it.

I caught the Wolfline #9 bus home, and I almost missed my stop as I had nodded off. Fortunately, someone else was getting off at my stop and when they pulled the cord, the bell that rings to alert the driver woke me up.

It took everything I had not to blow off the gym tonight, but I did make myself go. Arriving there, I saw this scene in the car parked to my left:

This wouldn't have been so bad, though it sort of is, except that this caught my eye in the back seat:

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, me. On my way to my workout. I did 40 minutes of cardio work on the elliptical machine, burning off 713 calories.

I met Joe at Two Guys on Hillsborough Street, where after ordering a pitcher of Yuengling along with our large pizza and salads in order to make our bill be enough to use up the entire amount of a coupon Joe had, we found out that they are no longer taking coupons from restaurant.com. Needless to say we were not pleased. Fuckers.

To top it off, they had a torn spot on the side of the seat part of the booth we were sitting in and when Joe returned from the rest room it cut a long gash across his calf. When I pointed out to one of the servers she said bending over looking at it, "Oh my, yes, I see that. There are staples sticking out of it."

Can you say OSHA incident?

As Joe and I were talking by our cars and he was asking me if I'd go by his place just once while he's in Pennsylvania this week to water his outdoor plants, the bottom fell out of the sky with an absolute downpour. "That ought to hold 'em," I thought about the plants as we scurried into our cars.

I stopped at my nearby work building and put the two leftover pieces of pizza from our dinner in the fridge for lunch next week, and headed to Helios, where I planned to spend a little time before heading over to The Borough for a while.

At about 10:00, my stomach started doing cartwheels, and after two trips to the restroom, I knew there was no going anywhere but home from there. I guess my decision to go ahead and eat that frozen shrimp dinner with the "Best eaten by" date of June 2010 was not a good one. It wasn't even a month, assuming that means the end of June.
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