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Panera's choice, a potential publishing publication, Outer Banks bound, & NCGLFF choices...

~Thursday~  I drove over to the Avent Ferry post office to mail two items—one birthday card and one thank-you card—before heading to work this morning.

At the corner of Kaplan and Gorman, I caught the 8:04 Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus, on which there were 7 riders in addition to myself when I boarded. At the next stop, an Indian lady got on who was on the phone and although not the quintessential public phone user like her competition of Tuesday, she was fairly quiet. She departed two stops later.

I received several kind and caring comments on Facebook and Twitter about the loss of my ex-brother-in-law. I take these as affirmations—as having people in your life who care about you.

It was a quiet day in the office as both my officemate and my boss were out. There are only three other people in the rest of the half-suite in which my office resides, and two out of those three were out as well, as they've been on vacation all week. Only my colleague Chris was in, and he brought in some bagels from Panera Bread, about which I was torn between the Asiago Cheese one and the Cinnamon Crunch one, as I love them both. I went with the Cinnamon Crunch.

Near lunch time, an assistant director stopped by to ask me if I could meet with him and one of our interns at 3:00 this afternoon to discuss a project the intern is going to be working on for him. I spent an hour or so early afternoon preparing for that meeting.

I also spent some time today with that same assistant director and another colleague on an item that's going out in our July edition of OIT News, trying to distill exactly what the audience of that publication cares about with regards to a project they're giving an update on.

I received an e-mail today from my friend, fellow Salon member, and fellow Technical Communicator, Anna asking me if I'd be interested in co-authoring a paper with her. Her very initial thoughts on its topic are, "[Perhaps] a practical article on managing a personal and professional [Twitter] stream, or something more theoretical." A potential publication is the peer-reviewed, bimonthly, online Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking journal.

Two things about this:

  1. I'm excited to be doing something professionally with Anna. Although we both received our Master's in Technical Communication at NC State, we weren't in grad school the same years, so we haven't had the chance to "work" together, so this'll be cool.

  2. I consider this both a personal and professional affirmation.

Once again, this evening I opted to nap instead of go to the gym. I'm not in a good place right now with my weight and my commitment to working out, of which there is a direct correlation, of course. I've got to get back into the mindset that I was in from January until about April, which was that going to the gym was not optional. It simply must be incorporated back into my routine.

Robert is finalizing plans for our trip to the Outer Banks at the end of August. I'm so grateful that he's taking the lead in making hotel reservations and scoping out things we might see and do while at the coast. It's been many, many years since I've been to the Outer Banks, and I really only remember visiting Kitty Hawk while there. I was still married at the time, so it was at least 17 years ago, probably more like 20.

Robert and I have narrowed down the films we'll see at the upcoming 15th Annual North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival—four glorious days of films in which there's at least a chance that in the end, the boy will get the boy.

I'm going to see four films that Robert's going to see with me and then he's going to see two others on his own, so we're buying a 10-pack of tickets. Below are the four films I'm going to, one of which I'm already ambivalent about—Bearcity. Fortunately though, I have no problem getting up and walking out of a film if it's bad. I just hate going in already feeling ambivalent about it.

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